The “glass half full” approach to COVID-19 pandemic control

In a webinar by the Ministry of Health that the Covid-19 pandemic, Dr Awatef Amer Nordin from the Institute for Health Systems Research (IHSR), Ministry of Health (MOH) discuss on the “glass half full” approach in facing the challenges of the massive event for the country.

Dr Awatef Amer Nordin is a Doctor of Public Health graduate from the Department of Social and Preventive Medicine, Faculty of Medicine, University of Malaya.

She said that this apporach has contributed to Malaysia’s success in flattening the Covid-19 epidemiological curve.

“I think I would prefer to use the analogy of a glass half full or half empty, meaning that of course when we look at the glass as half full, we have a certain established system like a very strong public health system, established surveillance system, et cetera.

“But when we try to deal with a pandemic or a massive event such as this, whatever that we know becomes challenging because of the burden or the tidal wave.

“So, what happened was looking at the glass as half full, realising that we are limited in terms of human resources and in terms of medical equipment supplies, et cetera, but optimising what we have, so certain initiatives were taken to overcome challenges,” said

Dr Awatef Amer Nordin

Her discusison in the webinar was also reported in CodeBlue Galencentre.

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