Covid-19: To Discover, Dampen and Defeat – A poem by Dr Catherine Thamarai A

A disease that confounds,

It’s not easy being in the ground,

But the oath taken is so profound,

Even when you fall it helps you rebound,

A reminder to stay tough and never to outbound..

The fear that lingers as a fact,

For loved ones not for you to infect,

Drenched in sweat with full PPE intact,

The scorching sun can’t stop swab and detect,

For it’s the beloved nation you intend to protect..

Every day marks a countdown,

Fighting the battle in hometown,

Hiding your anxiety beneath the gown,

Never to allow your patients to be let down,

It’s only the streets and not your eyes on lockdown..

With future none can define,

We pray for the numbers to decline,

Till then a plight to stay in quarantine,

Not to crowd places of visit on the timeline,

For the power of the disease we can never undermine

A tribute to all on duty,

Praying for your health and safety,

May social distancing stays a priority,

And hand hygiene a routine and not liability,

It may take a while, but we’ll surely get back the serenity..

My dear passionate healthcare worker,

All those on essential services, all who volunteer,

Soon it would be the rakyat’s turn to be our frontliner,

Practices of the new norm for everyone to always remember,

Never to surrender, but to stand together to make the nation better!

A tribute to my colleagues and all fighters of Covid19,

Written by Dr Catherine Thamarai A a Doctor of Public Health student from the Department of Social and Preventive Medicine, Faculty of Medicine, University of Malaya.

Published on Malaysia Medical Gazette on 25 May 2020

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