Rationale of masking

In an article published in the Star Newspaper, Prof Moy Foong Ming highlighted that the rationale of putting on a face mask was to protect others around the wearer as we are not sure as to who is infected, as some may be asymptomatic or in a pre-symptomatic phase. The reason to wear a mask in order to prevent droplet transmission.

She further stresses that wearing masks is especially important in places with poor ventilation, and where social distancing is not possible; e.g., in air-conditioned areas where the air is only circulating within the same room, or when one is using public transport or at a healthcare facility.

However, Prof Moy disagreed with any move to make it compulsory for people to wear a face mask or criminalising or imposing fines on individuals who do not wear a mask. She said that we need to be considerate as there are people who have difficulty making a living during this period and cannot afford to pay RM1.50 for a mask. She suggested that reusable masks, whether home-made or purchased, could be a viable solution. She said that we should emulate Singapore and Hong Kong where the government provides free reusable masks.

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