The next frontier in the battle against COVID-19

In an opinion piece published in the Malay Mail online, Dr Tharani Loganathan highlights the importance of not forgetting the non-citizen in our battle against COVID-19.

Here Malaysians must be very clear, the next frontier of infections does not lie only with the threat of imported cases coming from overseas, from returning Malaysians or from undocumented migrants crossing our porous borders. Our next frontier is within the country, among our most vulnerable groups, the non-citizens, who consist of approximately 10 per cent of our population. Most non-citizens in Malaysia are labour migrants, with 2 million documented migrant workers estimated by the ministry of home affairs in 2019. The number of undocumented migrants in Malaysia is less certain, with estimates for all migrant workers ranging from 4 to 6 million, including documented and undocumented workers.

In the article she outlined the things that all of us need to do.

The article was also published in My Sin Chew newspaper.

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