Welcome Master of Public Health candidates

The Master of Public Health is one of our most popular programme. The MPH first started in 1973 with seven candidates from the Ministry of Health Malaysia. The programme has gone through many changes during the last 46 years.

The format of the MPH programme offers flexibility for students. Student can choose to complete the course in 2+1 semesters (1-year) or up to 8 semesters (4-year). Students need to complete seven core and one research modules and choose another 6 elective modules from more than 15 being offered.

The training of public health professionals has shifted focus to be more about skills and competencies. We employ the blended learning approach, to integrate online and traditional teaching and learning. On-top of classes there are seminars, assignments, case studies, site visits and sharing of experience from practicing public health specialist.
For medical doctors who are interested in occupational health, there are occupational health clinics posting, practical training in clinical assessment methods, workplace risk assessments, and case-reports write-up.

We have also introduced four new elective modules in the past two years; i.e., Clinical Occupational Medicine, Global Health Leadership, Global Health, and Nutritional Epidemiology.

There are now more than 1000 alumni of the MPH from Malaysia and around the world. We would like to welcome the new candidates who are joining the programme this year.

  1. Abdul Kadir Shah Bin Sahibudeen
  2. Aishah Jamilah Binti Mohd Salleh
  3. Alia Daniella Binti Abdul Halim
  4. Ang Swee Hung
  5. Astrilia Tanggono
  6. Diba A/P Sagaran
  7. F M Zobayer
  8. Gan Shiz Yee
  9. Ganesh Kumar A/L Sundrarajoo
  10. Ghina Slim
  11. Hadijah Binti Yunos
  12. Halizah Binti Mat Rifin
  13. Heba Rashed Sharaf Salam
  14. Jamie Anne James Michael
  15. Kalaashini Ramachandran
  16. Khairul Syazwani Mohd Arpan
  17. Lathifah Bt Ahmad Zawawi
  18. Lee Shal Ling
  19. Lee Xiao You
  20. Lye Chuan Way
  21. Malar Velli A/P Segarmurthy
  22. Mariani Binti Bakri
  23. Md Imam Hasan Limon
  24. Menaha A/P Subramaniam
  25. Mohd Firdaus Bin Nazri Shaharuddin
  26. Muhammad Khairul Ridhuan Bin Abdul Wahid
  27. Mya Thazin Win
  28. Nithiya A/P Sinarajoo
  29. Noor Aliza Binti Lodz
  30. Nor Afiqah Binti Nordin
  31. Nur Aina Salim
  32. Nur Nabila Binti Abd Rahim
  33. Nur Salwani Binti Rosely
  34. Nurhyikmah Binti Mohamad Lothfi
  35. Nurul Syakilah Binti Embok Raub
  36. Ong Su Hua
  37. Patrick Peng Wee Yao
  38. Rimah Melati Binti Ab. Ghani
  39. Siti Khadijah Binti Yusof Azuddin
  40. Soh Yih Harng
  41. Soo Pei Pei
  42. Tengku Nuraihan Zafirah Binti Tengku Zainal Abidin
  43. Tharumaningam M Muthiah
  44. Trisha Zafrin
  45. Uthayalaxmi A/P Narayanan
  46. Waqqas Hanafi
  47. Yash Rennu Marimuthu
  48. Yoong Lee Yeen
  49. Zanjebil Abdulkadir Alsagoff

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