APSH/ISH Third Summer School in Ayutthaya, Thailand

The Third Summer School of APSH/IPSH was held from 22nd to 26th July 2019 in the historic city of Ayutthaya, Thailand. It was conducted in the Krungsri River Hotel. The summer school was led by Prof Trefor Morgan as the Dean of the school, supported by APSH. The rest of the faculty members consisted of International Faculty (Thomas Unger, Markus Schlaich) which supported by ISH, the ISH New Investigator Representative (Ruan Kruger) supported by ISH. The Regional Faculty (Pankaj Handa, Singapore; Yuqing Zhang, China;  Daisuke Nakano, Japan) were supported by their nominating Societies. Local Faculty from Thailand ( Apichard Sukonthasarn, Nijasri C. Suwanwela, Vuddhidej Ophascharoensuk) and the local conveners and organizers (Pairoj Chattranukulchai and, Sirisawat Wanthong). There were 29 scholars from 14 countries that attended this summer school.

The program was done in an interactive format with each scholar presented specific topics allocated to them, with the Faculty members gave their comments and input on each presentation. I was given the task to deliver a talk on “Antihypertensive drugs to use in diabetes”.In addition, there were review and update lectures by the Faculty. The topics covered were mostly the general topics related to clinical care and management together with epidemiological implications on hypertension. Besides, a number of Faculty members also gave talks on their research area, basic pathophysiology also included. These talks were amplified by case management sessions and presentations related to how to prepare an abstract and present a paper; How to review an article and how to chair a meeting. These were important topics for future leaders in Hypertension. Each scholar was also given one slot to present, whether case management or findings from their research. Aside from sharing knowledge, this also very helpful to built confidence among scholars in delivering talks. I have given one slot to present my study findings on barriers and facilitating factors in dietary and lifestyle intervention among low-income urban with hypertension.            

For me, this summer school is a good opportunity, not just to gain knowledge regarding hypertension, but also to fortify network of researcher for future hypertension study. I am grateful for the opportunity given by the Malaysian Society of Hypertension to attend this excellent summer school program. I hope that this program will continue in the same format in the next few years.

Written by Nurul ‘Ain Azizan, a PhD candidate from the Department who managed to secure a bursary from the International Society of Hypertension of Thailand. She was one of the two candidates to represent Malaysia. The title given to her is anti-hypertensive drugs to use in diabetes. She is supervised by Assoc Prof Hazreen Abd Majid and Prof Tin Tin Su. 

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