Congratulation to Dr Nasrin and Team!

Our heartiest congratulations to Dr Nasrin Aghamohammadi and her research team comprises of her postgraduate students, Logaraj Ramakreshnan and Fong Chng Saun, from Centre for Occupational and Environmental Health, Faculty of Medicine, Prof Dr Nik Meriam Sulaiman from Department of Chemical Engineering and AP Dr Rafidah Md Noor from Faculty of Computer Science & Information Technology for winning gold and silver medals at International Research Innovation, Invention & Solution Exposition (IRIISE 2018). IRIISE 2018 is an international research competition organized by University of Malaya on 14th – 16th August 2018 to cultivate innovative culture among the researchers and to encourage research collaboration between academia and industries.

Dr. Nasrin’s team with the research collaboration of Skymics Sdn Bhd have presented on ‘Smart IoT Metering System (SIMS) as an Integrated Tool for Sustainable Energy Consumption’ under the theme of ‘Engineering & Technology’. In this event, a Smart IoT Metering System (SIMS) was proposed to monitor, manage and optimize the energy consumption from Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning (HVAC) devices in buildings which can be indirectly translated into the reduction of carbon dioxide emissions and operating cost through clean cooling, while maximizing utility profit in the field of energy. This invention is one of the strategies achieved under the Grand Challenge Program: Urban Heat Island (GC002-15SUS) led by Dr Nasrin to reduce the building heat loads in urban areas due to unsustainable energy consumption that contributes to heat islands. At the same time, another research team under the same Grand Challenge Program led by AP Dr Rafidah Md Noor from Faculty of Computer Science & Information Technology won a gold medal for inventing a mobile application entitled ‘Go Green Malaysia: Outwitting Traffic Congestion Based on Air Quality Index” under the theme of ‘Social Sciences & Management’.

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