SPM Family Fun Day on 10 March 2018 @ Bukit Jalil Golf & Country Resort

Laughter and gaiety were the over-all mood of the Social and preventive medicine department, University Malaya Family Day celebration last 10th March 2018. The event took place at Bukit Jalil Golf and Country Resort. The primary objective of the event was to provide an opportune time for SPM staffs and students to relax in the presence of their respective families while socialising among each other via participation in simple games and bowling tournament ent.

There was a total of 104 participants attended the event including ten academicians, 33 MPH students and 61 of their respective family members. The event starts at 8.30am with registration. All participants were gathered at the lobby of Bowling Alley. SPM Head of Department, Prof Sanjay Rampal inaugurated the event with his welcoming address. He highlighted this is indeed a celebration of being a part of Public Health family. He thanks for everyone participation for the family day, which is one of the annual activities of SPM Department and hoped everyone would have exciting moments.

After the welcoming address, ice-breaking games were conducted where adult participants were divided into groups and tasks given to respective groups. Caterpillar traverse, mission impossible were some of the games conducted and score given for fastest group. Similarly, there were ice-breaking games were conducted for children less than 12 years, such as walking fast with the balloon between thighs and collect sweets as much as possible.

Upon the ending of ice breaking games, hi-tea were served for the participants. The participants who registered as bowlers were divided into groups and the names were submitted to the bowling alley manager to set the lanes up. There were 58 bowlers in total, occupying the total of 10 lanes. Each player was entitled to 3 games, and each group consist of 5-6 players. The bowling tournament started at 11.30 morning. There were loud cheers and applause throughout the games. Each group was furiously trying hard to hit all the pins down. Each group rather play as a team cheering and supporting the rest of the members. While the exciting bowling goes on, the children had colouring contest with age category of 5-8 years and 9 to 12 years.The younger kids had their good time with playdoh and playing with balloons.

Around 1 pm, we started with prize giving ceremony and the lucky draw session. Those who scored top three in the ice-breaking games were given prizes, continued with prize giving ceremony for colouring contest winners from both categories of age. As the climax of the event, top three highest scoring bowling team and the best player were announced and called upon to receive their prizes. Following are the top three highest scoring bowling team and the best player in SPM Family Fun Day 2018 :


  • Assoc Prof Moy Foong Ming
  • Abdullah
  • Noor Azwani
  • Muhammad Asyraf
  • Vinura
  • Tahsina

2nd place

  • Prof Wong Li Ping
  • Mohd Aizat
  • Nuraini Aziz
  • Kishwen
  • Deepa

3rd place

  • Prof Victor Hoe
  • Natasha Hoe
  • James
  • Fathullah
  • Nur Wahidah

Best Bowler

  • Mohd Khairul Ameer

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