The 2009 UM Expo

The 2009 UM Expo was conducted from 13-15 January 2009 at Dewan Tunku Canselor, UM.  The theme of the expo was “Value creation through research and innovation”. The objectives of the expo were to:

  1. support the Government’s vision of encouraging research excellence through innovation. 
  2. showcase the University’s progressive wealth and diversity in researches. 
  3. excite and encourage innovative applications resulting from research. 
  4. show appreciation of all achievements of UM researchers.  
  5. inculcate research passion and culture, amongst UM researchers toward international excellence  
  6. select winners who will represent UM in local and international competitions.  

Expo Galleries were divided into three, namely the Research Gallery, Research Output Gallery and Research Centre Gallery.  The Research Gallery showcased 292 projects in the five research clusters: Biosciences and Biotechnology, Health and Allied Sciences, Physical Sciences and Engineering, Social Sciences and Humanities, Information and Communication Technology.

The Research Output Gallery exhibited the research projects that had won a medal at overseas Expo, and the Research Centre Gallery exhibited research activities from UM research centres.

From the SPM Dept, Professor Dr Awang Bulgiba was appointed as one of the judges for the Expo.  Dr Moy Foong Ming presented her project entitled “Promoting Healthy Lifestyle at Worksite” and won a silver medal for it.

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