The Change of Guard

The Department would like to congratulate Associate Professor Atiya Ab Sallam for being appointed as the Head of the Department starting from 1st April 2005 and would also like to extend the gratitude to Associate Professor Dato’ Dr S. Noor Ghani for his contribution as the Head of Department of SPM from 2003-2005.

The Department organised a little “Thank you” party held at the Conference on the 9 April 2005 to show our appreciation for Associate Professor Dato S. Noor Ghani for his contribution and guidance over the past one and half year as the Head of Department.

Associate Professor Dato S. Noor Ghani retired from service with the Ministry of Health in 1999. His last appointment was the Director of Perak State Health Department. He joined the Department in the same year as an Associate Professor in Health Services Management unit. In the time of his headship, Dato’ has brought in his style of no-nonsense management style and have changed the Department forever.

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