List of Dissertation/Research Reports 2006

  MPH (Health Service Management)
Year Name Title
2003/2006 Ismuni b. Bohari Assessment of Qualitty of Medical Records in Sarawak Hospitals
2003/2006 Leela a/p V Sabapathy Profile of General Practitioners in Klang District, Selangor
2003/2006 Nordin b. Mohamed The Quality of Healthcare Services in Hospital Kangar, In Perlis - An Investigation Through Its Perception by Nursing Staff and Patients
2003/2006 Sabrina bte Che Ab Rahman Unit Cost of Patient Care In District Hospitals, Ministry of Health Malaysia
  MPH (Epidemiology)
Year Name Title
2003/2006 Izzuna Mudla bt. Mohamed Ghazali Depression Among Elderly Malays Community in Kuala Langat District, Selangor State
2003/2006 Norrina binti Esa Latifah bt A Rahman Association of Pregnancy Induced Hypertension With Low Birth Weight
2003/2006 Nor Zahrin bt Hasran Predictors of Late Stage of Breast Cancer At Diagnosis Among Patients Attending Breast Cancer Clinic at Hospital Kuala Lumpur
  MPH (Occupational Health)
Year Name Title
2003/2006 Fauziah bt Nordin Psychocial Problems in Relation To Nature of Work Among Nurses At Hospital Selayang
2003/2006 Mansor b. Ismail Pyrethroids Insecticide Poisoning Among Foggers at Kedah & Perlis District Health Offices
2003/2006 Soo Chun Paul

Prevalence of Hearing Loss Among Personnel of The Navy Special Forces (PASKAL)

2003/2006 Zuraida bt. Mohamed Occupational Factors & Spontaneous Abortion Among Working Pregnant women In Hospital Seremban, Negri Sembilan
  MPH (General) Research Protocol
Year Name Title
2005/2006 Abbas Eltayeb Elsheikh Suliman Prevalence of Schistosomiasis and The Asociated Factors Among School Children in Khartoum State : Sudan , 2006-2007
2005/2006 Ali Ibrahim Ali Akoud Prevalence and Risk Factors of Tubercu;osis Among Primary School Students in Northers State of Sudan , 2006-2007
2005/2006 Ali Madani Mahgoub Adam Prevelance of Acute Diarrhl Diseases and Associated Risk Factors Among Children Undeer Five Years In Omdwanban City In Khartoum State
2005/2006 Amna Abdalla Alamin Ali Identification of the Problems in Dots Implementation in Khartoum North Province Health Centres
2005/2006 Anselm Su Ting

Noise Induced Hearing Loss Among Airport Workers in Malaysia

2005/2006 Ariza Zainudin Prevalence of Car Occupants Accidents and Injuries Among Adolescents in District of Bentong , Malaysia
2005/2006 Elamin Hassan Ahmed Prevelence of Family Planning Practice In Kharoum Locality - Sudan From January 2007 - November 2007
2005/2006 Faheem Ahmed Khanzada Seven days Ceftriaxone Regimen Is As Effective As 10 Days Ceftriaxone In The Treatment of Acute Bacterial Meningitis: Stratified Randomized Controled
2005/2006 Hatim Adam Nagi Adam Prevalance an dRisk Factors of Sicle Cell Anemia in Nyala Town Children, South Darfur State- Sudan in The Year 2007
2005/2006 Himyar Ahmed Hussein Alnajjar Seven days Ceftriaxone Regimen Is As Effective As 10 Days Ceftriaxone In The Treatment of ABM: Randomized Controled Trial
2005/2006 Hisham Abdellateef Abdella Khalifa Prevalence and Risk Factors of Low Birth Weight Infants Born In Atbara Locality, River Nile State , Sudan , July to December 2006
2005/2006 Husna Maizura bt Ahmad Mahir Knowledge and Attitude Towards HIV/AIDS Among First and Final Year Medical Students at University of Malaya
2005/2006 Ibrahim Saeed Mohamed Ali Urinary Tract Infections Among School Children in Dongola Locality In Northern State of Sudan , February - June 2007
2005/2006 Maslinor binti Ismail Prevalance of HRT (Hormone Replacement Therapy) and Climasterium Characteric in Selangor Women
2005/2006 Nik Nairan binti Abdullah Duration of Breast Feeding In 'Klinik Rakan Bayi', Shah Alam: A Cohort Prospective Study From Year 2006 to 2008
2005/2006 Osama Hussein Salah Hussein

Prevalence and Predictors of Malnutrition Among Under Five Children in Eldamazin Locality Blue Nile State - Sudan , August 2006 to August 2007

2005/2006 Osama Madani Mirgani Factors Leading to Increased Seroprevalence of HIV Infection Among TB Patients in Gedarif State (Sudan)
2005/2006 Rafidah binti Abdul Latif Poor Pregnancy Outcome Among Women With Gestational
2005/2006 Rasha Bushra Ahmed Doumi A Cross- Sectional Studyon the Prevalence of Endemic Goitre and Its Possible Risk Factors Among Females of the Reproductive Age Group in Elobied, Sudan in 2006.
2005/2006 Rohana binti Johan Patients' View of Quality Service In Medical Wards of Hospit
2005/2006 Ruziyah binti Omar Prevalence and Risk Factors of Over Weight and Obesity Among Standard One Children In Gombak District
2005/2006 Saber Ali Idris Prevalence of Iodine Deficiency Among Primary School, Children in Dalanj Locality, Sudan
2005/2006 Shahril Azian bin Masrom Do Big Mothers Deliver Big Babies?
2005/2006 Sharmini Selvarajah a/p R.Selvarajah Antibiotic Prescribing Pattern For Upper Respiratory Tract Infections Among General Practitioners in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
2005/2006 Siti Rohana bt Saad Prevalence of Breastfeeding and Obesity in Preschool Children at Kuala Selangor, Selangor 2007
2005/2006 Sunita bt Abdul Rahman PAP Smear Screening Knowledge and Practice Among Healthcare Providers in Kedah
2005/2006 Suzaida binti Abdul Wahab Work Related Eye Injuries In University Malaya Medical Centre A Case Control Study
2005/2006 Tarig Ahmed Omer Idriss Prevalence of Vitamin A Deficiency In Children Aged 6 -13 Years Old In Bahry Shamal Locality, Khartoum State, 2006
2005/2006 Umar Yagoub Mohammed Risk Factors for Typhoid Fever in Obalenda Area Lagos State Nigeria 2005-2006
  MMedSc(PH) Research Protocol
Year Name Title
2005/2006 Afsaneh Ramazanzadeh Amereh Prevalence of Hypertension and Risk Among Adult Age 30 Years and Above in IRAN-MASHHAD
2005/2006 Amira Hassan Abd Elrahman Arman Impact of Insecticide Treated Bed Nets On The Incidence of Malaria Among Under Five Years In Dongola Locality October 2006 - October 2007
2005/2006 Che' An Ahmad Patients' Satisfaction in the Outpatient Clinic at The University Malaysia Medical Centre, Kuala Lumpur
2005/2006 Elhag Sofian Adam Mothers Knowledge, Attitude and Practice About Measles Vaccination In Shiekan Locality North Kordofon State
2005/2006 Elsadig Suba Gabush Prevalence of Neonatal Tetanus in Alsalam Displaced Camp 2006-2007
2005/2006 Goh Ai Lin Low Body Mass Index As Risk Factor For Military Training-Related Injuries Among Recruits In Malaysian Armed Forces
2005/2006 Gurminder Kaur a/p Sardool Singh National Study On Pesticide Contamination in Estate Water Supply in Malaysia, 2007 - Cross-Sectional Study
2005/2006 Hamad Abdalla Hamad Hamid The Study of The Effectiveness of World Health Organization (WHO) Surveillance System By Using Incidence Thresholds For Detection And Control of Meningococcal Meningitis Epidemics in Khartoum State, Sudan, 2004-2009
2005/2006 Irniza binti Rasdi Road Traffic Noise Exposure and Hearing Loss Among Traffic Policemen in Kuala Lumpur and Putrajaya
2005/2006 Ismail Hamid Saeed Prevalence of Hepatitis B Virus Infection and Related Risk Factors Among Health Care Workers in Kadogli Hospital, South Kordofon State of Sudan
2005/2006 Kamal Eldin Ahmed Suleiman Effect of Intensive Hand Washing Promotion on Childhood Diarrhoea In Ummbadda Khartoum State, Sudan
2005/2006 Mahmoud Abdullah Hussein Alarefi Knowledge of Dengue Fever Among Healthcare Workers in Al Hudiyah Governorate, Yemen, 2006-2007
2005/2006 Mohamad bin Harun The Prevalence of Hypertension Among Malaysian Infantry Soldiers and The Associated Risk Factors
2005/2006 Noraini binti Md Daud Breast Feeding Practice Among Mothers In University Malaya Medical Centre Kuala Lumpur
2005/2006 Raga Mohamed Abdalla Eltoum Prevalence and Risk Factors of Malnutrition Among Children aged 5 years and Below in Almasalamia Administrative Uint, Alhasahesa Locality Algezira State in Sudan
2005/2006 Tariq Mohammed Sulaiman Al Sabahi The Knowledge Attitude and Practice of Female Genital Mutilation Amongst Civil Servants Working In The Nizwa Citty Secretariat
2005/2006 Yousif Mohammed Yousif Elnoor Mother Knowlrdge, Attitudes and practices Concerning Breastfeeding In Sinnar State In The Year 2006


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