List of Dissertation/Research Reports 1991

Year Author Title
1990/91 Abdul Kadir Jalani Duseh AIDS-Related Knowledge, Attitudes and Behaviour in High Risk Group at Women Rehabilitation Centre at Rembau, Negri Sembilan
1990/91 Ahmad Jusoh The Epidemiology features of two Cholera Epidemics in Kelantan , Malaysia
1990/91 Nor'aini Abdullah A study of physically abused children seen by Scan team Kuala Lumpur , General Hospital from 1988 to 1990
1990/91 Mohamed Naim b. Hj. Abdul Kadir A study on some aspects of Diarrhoeal Disease among the Orang Asli Children 0-5 years, Kuala Langat District, 1990
1990/91 Sha'ari Ngadium Comparative Study on Primary Immunization Amongst Toddler at Estate & Traditional Village in Temerloh District
1990/91 Raman Ismail A Study of Examine the Incidence of Pathological Vaginal Discharge in IUCD user
1990/91 Ranjit Kaur Parim Singh A study of risk behaviors for HIV infection among drug abusers seen at the drug ward in General Hospital, Kota Bharu, Kelantan
1990/91 Che Kamaludin Che Ahmad Formative Evaluation of PHC Program in the District of Tanah Merah. Kelantan.
1990/91 Uma Salmah Abd Kadir A Review of Maternal Deaths in Kedah State for Five Year Period of 1995-1990
1990/91 Jamal Ali Johari A Study of Visual Defect Screening and Factors Affecting Among Secondary School Students, District of Alor Gajah, Melaka
1990/91 Junaidden Ali Johari Utilization Pattern of the Health Services in the District of Kuala Krai
1990/91 Mohd Rashid Mohd Yusoff A Study on Family Planning Program in Women of Kem Garrisan (KAP Study)
1990/91 Mymoon Alias A Study of Physical Disabilities, Mental Attidute and Social Needs of Inmates in PKKN, Sungai Buluh
1990/91 Syed Mud Puah Syed Amran A Comparative Study of Several Aspect of Child Health in 2 Groups of Orang Asli +E2
1990/91 Naim A Study of Diarrhoeal Morbidity and Treatment at Kg Sungai Rambai, Kuala Langat, Selangor
1990/91 Faizal Mansoor Morbidity Pattern between Two Villages - One With a Village Health Promoter and the Other Without a Village Health Promoter in the District of Baram, Sarawak
1990/91 Nalachakravarthy Odhayakumar Nallusamy The Epidemiology of Bronchial Asthma in A/E Department Klang General Hospital and relation of Admission to Weather
1990/91 Noorlia Yahya Food Hygiene Practices Among Hospital Food Handlers
1990/91 Cheong Beck Koon A Study of Controlled and Uncontrolled Hypertensive Seen in the Outpatient Clinic, Hospital Melaka, Melaka
1990/91 Mohd Nasir Haji Abdul Aziz KAP Study on AIDS in MAS Trainee Stewardess/Steward at Subang International Airport
1990/91 Ahmad Abd Malik Food Sampling Activities and Enforcement in the District of Kinta from 1986-1989


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