List of Dissertation/Research Reports 1984

Year Author Title
1983/84 S. K. Akhtar Ahmad Study of Socio-cultural Aspects of Diarrhoeal Diseases in a Malay and an Indian Community

1983/84 Mohamad Raily Suhaily Sarawak Tuberculosis Control Programme: A Ten Year Review (1973-1982)
1983/84 Santokh Singh A Knowledge, Attitude and Practices Study of Filariasis among two Communities in Bukit Kepong, Johor
1983/84 Meer Ahmed Review of Aircraft Accidents in the Royal Malaysian Air Force, 1972-81 and a Preliminary Study of self-imposed stress among a sample of pilots
1983/84 Tan Seok Kheng A study of the Immunization Status of Toddlers and Pre-School Children attending the Government Clinics in Kota Baru District 1983
1983/84 Ahmad Badrus b. Othman A Study of Knowledge, Attitude, and Practices of Smoking among soldiers in a battalion of the Royal Malay Regiment, 1984
1983/84 Abu Talib Majid Dengue Vector Control Activities in the Health District of Larut and Matang
1983/84 John Sairere A comparison of some aspects of Child Health Services in Kuala Langat District Peninsular Malaysia and East Sipik Province, Papua New Guinea
1983/84 R. Paramalingam A study of Admissions by the Accident and Emergency Unit and some of its Related Services
1983/84 Festus Pawa Knowledge and Attitudes to Tuberculosis amongst Health Workers and Tuberculosis Patients
1983/84 Rita Garg A study of Otorhinolarygology Diseases among Inpatients at University Hospital , Kuala Lumpur , for year 1981
1983/84 Anuar bin Ariffin A study of Malaria Cases reported in Sungai Siput, Kuala Kangsar District


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