MBBS Field Programme

The in-house course conducted by the department serve to provide theoretical basis for the knowledge in the field of Public Health which is to be acquired by the student. However Public Health is a very real subject and involves work in the community. It is not possible to illustrate these practical aspects during classroom teaching although simulations can be attempted. it is felt that there is no better way than for the student to experience the real problems in the community itself.

To supplement and complement its in-house teaching program, the SPM Department conducts three field programs for the students in the undergraduate medical program and assists in one field program conducted by other departments. These programs are the:

  1. Community Residency Program (CRP)
  2. Organisation and Management of Health Services (OMHS)
  3. Continuing Family Case Studies


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  2. Workshops & Short Courses
  3. Research
  4. Publication


The Occupational Medicine Clinic is a referral clinic for occupational diseases and is open on every Friday in University Malaya Medical Centre.