Postgraduate Alumni

Welcome to the Department of Social and Preventive Medicine's Postgraduate Alumni page, on this page you will be able to glance through all the postgraduates students that have been with us since we started the first Master of Public Health programme in 1973.

  1. Master of Public Health (General)
  2. Master of Medical Science (Public Health)
  3. MPH Speciality
  4. Doctor of Public Health

We would also like to here more from you about your experience in the Department and what you are doing currently. We are currenlty trying to establish an electronic newsletter for all postgraduates to keep them informed of all the latest developments in their alma mater. If you are such a graduate (any year), please contact the Webmasters of this website (by e-mail) giving the following details:

  1. Name
  2. Title (if any)
  3. Year of study (academic year e.g. 1990/91)
  4. Date of birth (DD/MM/YYYY)
  5. Gender (Male or female)
  6. Position in present organisation
  7. Current place of employment (address)
  8. Tel. no. (office)
  9. E-mail address (If any)
  10. URL (if any)

You are also invited to visits the MPH/MMedSc sites for a list of graduates from you year.


  1. News
  2. Workshops & Short Courses
  3. Research
  4. Publication


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