Mahmoud Danaee

Dr Mohamoud Danaee was appointed as Adjunct Professor starting in November 2022. He joined the department as a visiting research fellow in 2018 and left the Department in July 2022 when he migrated to the Netherlands. He was an academic member of Islamic Azad University (Iran) since 1998. Dr Mahmoud Danaee also was a member of the scientific board of the rural development institute of Iran and also was the general director of the IT department in the National Youth Organisation from 2000 to 2004. As a statistician, during the last 22 years. He has taught courses in statistics, experimental design, advanced statistical methods, and Research Methodology at undergraduate and postgraduate levels in different disciplines. He conducted many workshops and courses such as Basic and advanced statistical methods using SPSS, Structural Equation Modelling (AMOS& Smart-PLS), Design of Experiments (RSM) in Iran and Malaysia. Dr Mahmoud Danaee was in charge of Research methodology and Statistic Help clinic (ReSH) in the Academic Enhancement and Leadership Development Centre (ADeC) during 2016 – 2018 which supported UM academic staff and postgraduate students from 14 faculties for their needs in conducting and analysis of research.