List of DrPH Research Topics

Thesis TitleCompleted
A cohort study of cardiovascular disease incidence, its associated factors and impact on workplace productivity among school teachers in Peninsular Malaysia
A Community-Based Lifestyle Intervention Amongst Individuals At High Risk For Diabetes (Co-Help) 2017
A Multimethod Study to Assess Barriers and Facilitators of Colorectal Cancer Screening in Malaysia: Applying the Health Belief Model 2023
A prospective cohort evaluating nutritional program of malnourished children in Perak and Kelantan.
A Quantitative Study On The Association Between Child Sexual Abuse And Risky Sexual Behaviours And A Qualitative In-Depth Understanding Of Multi-Ethnic Perspectives On Sexual Abuse 2018
A Spatial Temporal analysis on the incidence of tuberculosis case in the Federal Territory of Kuala Lumpur
A Study on The Association of Stress and Eating Behaviors on Body Composition among Malaysian Adolescents 2018
Access to renal transplantation and post-transplantation prognosis (ReTRAPP) study of adults in Malaysia 2020
Achieving Digital Citizenship: Developing A Theory-Based Questionnaire in Exploring Parental Digital Security Practice among Malaysian Parents 2020
Adverse Chilhood Experiences and Its Effects on Elder Abuse and Depression Stability among Malaysian Community Dwelling Elderly Population