The Report on the School Health Seminar Held at the University of Malaya, Kuala Lumpur – 4-6 April 1968

The Report on the School Health Seminar Held at the University of Malaya, Kuala Lumpur is a publication by the Joint School Health Committee of the Ministries of Health and Education.

The need for closer coordination between the Ministry of Health and the Ministry of Education in improving the health of school children led to the formation of the federal Joint School Health Committee in March 1967. One of the first tasks of this committee was to appoint a Sub-committee that formulated a blueprint for an integrated School Health Programme* which would include four components:

  1. School Health Service
  2. Healthful School Living
  3. School Health Education, and
  4. School-community co-operation for health.

The blueprint was accepted in principle by the Joint Committee which then organised the School Health Seminar with the following objectives:

  1. To propagate the concept of a coordinated school health programme;
  2. To discuss the implementation of the school health programme;
  3. To encourage joint projects for the improvement of the school-going children of the community.

The seminar was held at the University of Malaya on 4-6th April 1968, and was attended by 77 participants from the Ministry of Health, Ministry of Education, health and teacher training institutions, Education and Medical Faculties of the University and representatives from the Malayan Medical and Malaysian Dental Associations; as well as 25 observers from other ministries and departments, local voluntary bodies and international organizations.

The Seminar was officially declared open by the Minister of Education and officially declared closed by the Minister of Health. The mornings of the first two days were devoted to plenary sessions during which thirteen papers were presented, whilst in the afternoon participants and observers were divided into six workshop groups to discuss various aspects of the papers presented. On the last day reports of the workshop, and sessions were presented for discussion.