Climate change and air pollution in Malaysia

The chapter on “Climate change and air pollution in Malaysia” is published in the ClimateChange and Air Pollution, Springer.

The book discusses regional and international climate-change, air- pollution and human-health scenarios. The research, from both industrialized and developing countries, focuses on region-specific perspectives of climate change impacts on air pollution. In the face of future climate change, scientists have urged stronger emission controls to avoid worsening air pollution and the associated exacerbation of health problems, especially in more populated regions of the world. It is hoped that the implementation of the Paris Climate Agreement will help minimize air pollution. Additionally, the authors consider the various measures that different countries and groups of countries, like the European Union, have adopted to mitigate the problems arising from climate change and to safeguard the health of the population. The book examines the increasing incidence of diseases largely caused by climate change. The countries/regions covered in this study include the USA, Northern Europe (U.K).,Southern Europe ( Italy), Canada, Australia, East Asia, Russia, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Thailand, Malaysia, Indonesia, India, South Africa, Mexico, Brazil, Caribbean countries, and Argentina.

Author: Nasrin Aghamohammadi, Marzuki Isahak
Retail Price: 24.95 € (for the chapter)

Softcover: 15 pages (2017)
Publisher: Springer
ISBN 978-3-319-61346-8