Congratulations to Muzaitul Akma for defending her PhD viva voce

Congratulations to Muzaitul Akma Mustapa Kamal Basha for defending her PhD viva today and passed. She is supervised by Dr Abqariyah Yahya, Assc Prof Dr Nuguelis Razali and Assc Prof Dr Hazreen Abdul Majid. Wonderful collaboration with the Obs and Gynae clinical department. The title of her thesis is “Vitamin D status in pregnancy and its association with the neonatal Vitamin D and immunoglobulin E levels at birth”. Thanks also to the external examiners, Professors from the London School Of Tropical Medicine and Hygiene, UK and Virginia Tech University, US. Thanks also to Prof Madya Mukhri Hamdan for being the internal examiner. She has published the paper titled “Risk of eczema, wheezing and respiratory tract infections in the first year of life: A systematic review of vitamin D concentrations during pregnancy and at birth“.

All the best with your career and we are sure she will be an asset to the Kuliyyah of Nursing, IIUM Kuantan.

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