A full-fledged MCO – not needed

In an interview with the Strait Times Press, Professor Datuk Dr Awang Bulgiba Awang Mahmud said that a full-fledged movement control order (MCO) for the whole country may not necessarily slow the spread of new cases as the cases currently are concentrated in Kedah and Sabah.

He further adds that due to the high economic cost of a second country-wide MCO, the government be focusing on targeted enhanced MCO (TEMCO) instead. He said that the TEMCO is likely to continue as long as the community transmission can still be mitigated with aggressive contact tracing and isolation or quarantine.

However, he warned that the window of opportunity to contain the spread is small and rapidly closing, the next few weeks will be crucial for the country in dealing with the new wave. He said that the infection needs to be stopped from spreading outside the prison walls in Kedah.

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