Dr Awais Farid, MPH Class of 2012/2013

Awais Farid with Prof Victor Hoe

It is always nice to have one of our ex-student to come to the Department and to hear the progress that he has made after leaving the University of Malaya. After completing his Master of Public Health in 2013, Dr Awais Farid, returned to Pakistan to work on the World Health Organization Tuberculosis programme. Thereafter he moved to Saudi Arabia to work as the Program Coordinator for Malaria, AIDS and TB for the Ministry of Health, Department of Public Health, Alqunfudhah Makkah Region. In 2015 he was accepted by the Hong Kong University of Science and Technology to pursue his a PhD. He is doing some exciting work in infection prevention, he with the help of his supervisor has developed and patented a material that inhibits the growth of bacteria. He is currently in the phase of a clinical trial to assess the real world situation.

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