2nd Asia Pacific Conference on Public Health

The 2nd Asia Pacific Conference on Public Health which was organised by the College of Public Health Medicine-Academy of Medicine Malaysia together with the Ministry of Health and University Putra Malaysia from the 03-05 July 2007 at the Subang Shereton Hotel in Petaling Jaya. The conference was officiated by Dr Shigeru Omi the WHO Western Pacific Regional Director, after the opening he also delivered a paper on “Health and Civilization”. The Director-General of Health, Ministry of Health Malaysia, the honourable Tan Sri Datuk Hj Mohd Ismail Merican delivered the keynote address on “Emerging Threats to Public Health”.

The staff from the Department were involved in the pre-conference workshop; Associate Professor Awang Bulgiba and Dr Mas Ayu Said organised the Research Methods workshop and Dr Victor Hoe Chee Wai and Dr Sanjay Rampal organised the Critical Appraising Scientific Papers and Meta-Analysis workshop.

During the conference, a large number of papers were presented by both staff, Masters candidate and undergraduate students from the University of Malaya, Kuala Lumpur. The abstract of these papers was published in the Malaysian Journal of Public Health Medicine.

Among the papers presented are

  1. Analysis of Dengue Death Cases in Selangor, Malaysia – 01 January to 01 April 2007. Norli Abdul Jabbar*, Nor Aini Mohd Noor, Sanjay Rampal*
  2. Post-Tsunami Lhokseumawe, Aceh: A Situation Analysis. Saimy Ismail*, Sanjay Rampal*, Victor Hoe Chee Wai*
  3. Risk Factors Associated with Drug Dependence in Malaysia Males. Sanjay Rampal*, Azhar Md Zain, GR Lekhraj Rampal
  4. Novel Methods of Risk Identification, Stratification and Behavioural Intervention for HIV/AIDS and CVD Prevention. Lekhraj Rampal, Sanjay Rampal*, Azhar Md Zain, Ramlee Rahmat, MS Sherina, AR Hejar, Aziz Alsafi Ismail
  5. Factors Associated with Relapse of Drug Addiction Among Males in Selangor DE. Mohd Aminuddin*, Mas Ayu Said*, Sanjay Rampal*, Noran Naqiah Hairi*
  6. Risk Factors of Pre-term Birth Among Nurses in Tengku Ampuan Rahimah Hospital. Christine Yeow Siew Lin*, Victor Hoe Chee Wai*, Quek Kia Fatt
  7. Risk Factors of Sickness Absenteeism among Health Attendants in Hospital Kuala Lumpur. Ahmad Riaz Mazeli*, Victor Hoe Chee Wai*
  8. Validation of the Malay Initial Questionnaire and Clinical Assessment for Use in Hands-Arm Vibration Syndrome Studies. Anselm Su Ting*, Victor Hoe Chee Wai*
  9. Diagnostic Properties of the Malay Overreactive Bladder (QABV8) for Use in the Malaysian Population. M Paresmeswaran, Sanjay Rampal*, K Shanggar, Khaidir, PH Tun, K Siti Hajar, K Norhidayu, MP Hazwani, A Nor Hafizah, A Razak, N Dublin
  10. Prevalence of Sharps Injuries and Associated Factors Among the Staff Nurse in University of Malaya Medical Centre. Priya R*, Retneswari Masilamani*, Ganesh B*
  11. Factors Associated with Pap Smear Screening among the Malay Women in a Public University. Lim Ching Hooi*, Calyn Tan Jen Ai*, Tay Sin Yah*, Moy Foong Ming *

*Authors from the Faculty of Medicine, University of Malaya

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