MyDietCam won a Silver Award at the Malaysia Technology Expo (MTE) 2022

Happy to share the good news that MyDietCam, our mobile diet app has won a silver medal in the 2022 Malaysia Technology Expo (MTE). This project is supported by the Universiti Malaya Interdisciplinary Integrated Research Grant (Reference No. IIRG002-19HWB).  The program leader is Professor Dr Moy Foong Ming from the Department of Social & Preventive Medicine, Faculty of Medicine. The sub-program leaders are Professor Dr Loo Chu Kiong from the Department of Artificial Intelligence, Faculty of Computer Science & Information Technology and Dr Fadzilah Hanum from the Department of Primary Care Medicine, Faculty of Medicine.  The dedicated Graduate Research Assistants are Ms Nadine Kong (Department of Social and Preventive Medicine), Mr Ghalib Ahmed Tahir (Department of Artificial Intelligence), and Ms Nur Mellisa (Department of Primary Care Medicine).

MyDietCam is a food recognition-based mobile diet application developed for the Malaysian adult population. The app was developed in collaboration with experts in the field of artificial intelligence, dietetics, and behaviour change.

It aims to encourage the public to monitor their diets more frequently by removing barriers such as manual nutrient coding since the food composition tables have been integrated into the system. It also reduces recall bias as users can log their food in real-time. MyDietCam is equipped with basic features of a diet app such as goal setting determined by the Recommended Nutrients Intake Malaysia 2017 guidelines, presenting a list of logged foods, automated instant nutrient analyses and viewing and editing intakes from the past. The novelty of MyDietCam is the food recognition technology where users snap a photo to log a food instead of typing in the search bar.

Additionally, MyDietCam also instantly generates a diet quality score based on the Malaysian Healthy Eating Index which looks at seven different food groups and two nutrients. These features will enable users to keep track and better understand their current dietary intake.  MyDietCam can also be used to control and manage the weight of adult individuals.

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