Congratulations Ms Nithiah on the successful completion of her PhD viva voce

The Department would like to congratulate Ms Nithiah Thangiah on the successful completion of her Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) viva voce. Her thesis was titled “A longitudinal Analysis in the Clustering of Biological CVD risk factors among adolescents in Malaysia: Findings from the MyHeART Study”. She was supervised by Assoc Prof Dr Hazreen Abdul Majid, Associate Prof Karuthan (Taylor’s University) and Prof Dr Tin Tin Su (Monash University Malaysia). Ms Nithiah started working at Centre for Population Health, SPM Department as research officer from 2011 after completion of her Masters in Applied Statistics (UM) in 2010. One of her research findings from the Malaysian Health and Adolescents Longitudinal Research Team (MyHeART) Study was that more than 12% of adolescents from this cohort remained in the high risk cluster of developing CVD. There were sizable adverse transitions over time as more adolescents appear to be shifting toward an increased risk of having CVD. The reference; Thangiah N, Chinna K, Su TT, Jalaludin MY, Al-Sadat N, Majid HA. Clustering and Tracking the Stability of Biological CVD Risk Factors in Adolescents: The Malaysian Health and Adolescents Longitudinal Research Team Study (MyHeARTs). Front Public Health. 2020 Mar 17;8:69. doi: 10.3389/fpubh.2020.00069. PMID: 32257989; PMCID: PMC7090141 and the link:

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