Cooperate to Curb Migrant Worker Clusters

Dr Tharani Loganathan, Public Health Medical Specialist from University Malaya was interviewed on the recent dormitory clusters involving migrant workers in construction sites by Lyn Mak, Roshan Kanesan, Wong Shou Ning for the Morning Run at BFM 89.9 on the 20th November 2020. The show as produced by Arleen Webber.

‘The recent spike in new cases this week from a construction site cluster in Damansara has raised questions over Malaysia’s treatment of its labour workforce, and whether SOPs can be properly carried out in dormitories. Considering Singapore faced an outbreak in its migrant worker dormitories back in April, it is vital that Malaysia also takes action to ensure the same does not happen here. We reached out to Dr Tharani Loganathan, Public Health Specialist at the University of Malaya, to shed some light on dormitory regulations, the challenge of implementing SOPs within migrant communities, and what the government and employers must do to diffuse the risk of more clusters.’

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