Protocol for Wearing Mask

There are a lot of discussions on the need of face mask use in public as a preventive measure. However, many of these discussions have not used the evidence appropriately and are not taking a long-term view of this Pandemic. Unfortunately, many discussions have been based on political philosophies and underlying geopolitics rather than objective interpretation of the evidence. There is also a semblance on the development of a moral panic in specific communities based on face mask use.
In a letter to the Star newspaper, Prof Sanjay Rampal attempts to present a more balanced viewpoint based on the evidence and to calibrate our recommendations based on current risk assessment.

“As the COVID-19 pandemic progresses, we need dynamic and sustainable policies and guidelines based on prevailing community transmission. We should be cautious in implementing strategies from other countries as these localities/countries may be at different stages of this pandemic with differing transmission dynamics. Our policies should be based on scientific evidence and account for local feasibility and sustainability.”