Penyelesaian masalah kekurangan nutrisi kanak-kanak (Solving the problem of childhood multinutrition)

Malnutrition (both undernutrition and overnutrition) continues to be a serious problem in Malaysia. Based on the NHMS 2016, the prevalence of undernutrition for children had risen from 16% to about 20 per cent. Why aren’t we getting anywhere with this? Discussing these issues and more with Nailah Huda and Mr Hakim Rahman on Awani Pagi Segment of Astro Awani, the morning show session is Associate Professor Dr Hazreen Abdul Majid, Consultant Dietitian from the Department of Social and Preventive Medicine, University Malaya and as well as Mr Derek Kok, Nutrition Policy Analyst, Sunway University.

Associate Prof Hazreen urges the public to understand a healthy diet is not just about eating enough but needs to be food that is high in quality with adequate nutrients. He talks about the importance of basic understanding to achieve healthy dietary intake doesn’t need to be costly and some of the local fruits and vegetables are nutritious enough. Dr Hazreen also provides some clarity to questions regarding who is responsible for the malnutrition problem and he highlighted the importance of collaborative work between the ministry of education, ministry of health, parents and the need for better, local evidence and proper evaluation on achieving zero hunger with good quality policy and research work, affordable food and easily accessible to healthy food in Malaysia.

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