FIGHT THE BITE version 1.1.1

The Julius Centre University of Malaya, Department of Social and Preventive Medicine is delighted to introduce FIGHT THE BITE mobile application for IOS. This app is one of the outcomes of the Monitoring and Preventing Dengue Project (MoP Dengue, RP034-15HTM), headed by Dr Rafdzah Ahmad Zaki. The principal investigator for Fight the Bite is Dr Nik Daliana Nik Farid (RP034D-15HTM).

This app aims to provide dengue education and encourage users to conduct search and destroy of mosquito breeding sites in their living environment. Alert on dengue risk based on weather forecast and reminder on preventive measures to be taken are among the special features of this app. Using an interactive approach, the app educates users on dengue infection (signs, symptoms, transmission and prevention) and the impact of environment on dengue (virus and mosquito cycle).

This app also previews the official number of dengue cases and hotspot areas reported by the Ministry of Health Malaysia from the i-Dengue website. Dengue cases detected in user’s area also can be notified to this app and all reported cases can be viewed based on GIS mapping.

FIGHT THE BITE is available from APPLE APP Store (or search for Fight the Bite). For more information about the app do not hesitate to contact Dr Rafdzah Ahmad Zaki or Dr Nik Daliana Nik Farid.

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