Community Residency Programme for phase IIIB MARCH 2009

The Community Residency Programme (CRP) for MBBS candidates phase IIIB was conducted this year from 23 February to 20th March 2009. The whole class were divided into 5 groups and the programme was carried out in five districts in the state of Pahang, namely Lipis, Bera, Pekan, Rompin and Maran. The programme begins with briefings and classes in HTAR Klang and the SPM department before the students proceed to their respective districts. Each group of students was accompanied by 2 supervisors in the field. The CRP programme was intended to train medical students in the planning of rural health survey, implementing the health survey, analysing and presenting the survey to the relevant stakeholders. The programme also provides an insight into rural community and rural health care while also allowing students to acquire soft skills in communication, team management and organisation of work. The results of the survey were later presented in a debriefing session in HTAR Klang. The HOD of the SPM department, academic staffs as well as Medical and Health Officers from the districts of Lipis, Bera and Maran attended the sessions.

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