Effects of stress management techniques-breathing exercise and progressive muscle relaxation technique (pmr) to alleviate job stress among Malaysian automotive assembly line workers
Investigators: Dr Bala Murali a/l Sundram i
  Assoc Prof Retneswari Masilamani
  Assoc Pror Maznah Dahlui
Agency: Self-funded by principal investigator
Period: January 2012- December 2012
Reference number:  

This study explores Stress management training (SMT) that is designed to help employees modify their appraisal of stressful situations or to deal more effectively with the symptoms of stress or both. It examines the effects of short duration SMT at the Primary Level on stressful workers which are seriously lacking. Most employers presume that SMT are time-consuming, expensive and workers cannot spare the time to practice any coping skills. Given the high stress levels reported among automotive workers in previous studies these reasons are not sufficient to ignore the well-being of automotive assembly workers. Therefore, short duration intervention programs such as SMT are needed for automotive workers in Malaysia.

These techniques namely breathing exercise and progressive muscle relaxation can be incorporated into the Employee Assistant Programme (EAP) for alleviation of stress at the workplace. These techniques are inexpensive and easy to implement. It can also help initiate a safety health policy concerning occupational stress at the assembly line by encouraging and organizing regular workshops, seminars or talks to spread the effects of this psycho-social hazard and thus empowerment of the workers with self-administered relaxation techniques to curb stress. The ultimate goal of these stress management techniques are to enhance employee morale and motivation, improving productivity, decreasing financial costs of medical and disability claims and indirectly promotes the image of the employer for implementing such interventions as part of their safety health policy on stress at work.

This study is expected to offer new insights into alleviating occupational stress at the automotive assembly line and also set to discover the effectiveness of Deep Breathing Exercise and Progressive Muscle Relaxation techniques at the Primary Level of Prevention. This project is self- funded by the principal investigator under the Ministry of Health with publication rights reserved by University of Malaya. Data collection for the project has commenced and the project is on schedule till date. Several SCI ISI publications are expected from this project.


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