Progressivity of health financing in Malaysia
Investigators: Dr. Ng Chiu Wan
  Prof Shyamala Nagaraj
  Assoc Prof Saimy Ismail
  Dato’ Dr. S. Noor Ghani
  Dr. Maznah Dahlui
Agency: University of Malaya
Amount: RM 75,000
Grant: UM Short term Grant
Period: March 2008-March 2010
Reference number: FS1128/2008A

One of the stated objectives of the health system as enshrined in the MOH’s Vision for Health is for the maintenance of a health system which is affordable and equitable. It has been argued that in an equitable and fair system, the rich should pay more for health care than the poor as the latter is less likely to be in a position to afford all needed care. The financing of health care in Malaysia is derived from many sources. In 2004, a total of RM21.4 billion was spent on health care in Malaysia, of which 49.1% came from taxation. The rest were from mainly private sources such as household out-of-pocket (OOP) payments and private health insurance. Previous work on the Malaysian health financing system has shown that at least the private household OOP payments have to a certain extent been protective of the poor, in other words equitable. This study was intended to extend the equity analysis to include all sources of health financing in Malaysia. The project has funded research by one PhD candidate.


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