Primary Prevention of Chronic Diseases in Worksite
Investigators: Dr Moy Foong Ming
  Dr Victor Hoe C. W.
  Assoc. Prof Sanjay Rampal
  Prof Awang Bulgiba Awang Mahmud
Agency: University of Malaya
Amount: RM 97,300
Grant: UM Short-term grant
Period: March 2008-December 2009
Reference number: FS193/2008B

Worksite health promotion has been associated with a reduction in health risks and promotion of healthy lifestyles, improvements in economic and productivity factors including medical costs, compensation benefits, employee absenteeism and job satisfaction. This study aimed to track the pre- and post-intervention of participants and non-participants. Universal sampling on all staff aged 40 years and above was used. Data was collected through a pre-tested questionnaire which covers socio-demographic characteristics, medical history, lifestyle behaviors (physical activity, diet and eating pattern, smoking status, stress), barriers and triggers for healthy lifestyle behaviours. Health promotion program in educating the participants on diet, physical activities, quit smoking and stress management are planned and will be introduced in stages. A wellness website was also set up as a tool of health education.


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