Association of candidate genes predisposing to obesity in Malaysian subjects
Investigators: Prof Awang Bulgiba Awang Mahmud
  Assoc Prof Sanjay Rampal
  Prof Datin Zahurin Mohamed
  Dr Moy Foong Ming
  Prof Dr Rosmawati Mohamed
  Ms. Yamunah Devi Apalasamy
Agency: University of Malaya
Amount: RM 64,800
Grant: Research University Grant
Period: April 2009 to March 2011
Reference number: RG075/09HTM/td>

Obesity is becoming a major problem in Malaysia as it worldwide. Obesity is a multi-factorial disease that occurs due to complex interactions between genetic and environmental factors. Many studies have shown that genetic susceptibility is likely to vary among different ethnic groups. Large numbers of genes and single nucleotide polymorphisms associated with obesity have been tested in studies among various heterogenous populations worldwide. Mutations in genes involved in food intake, energy metabolism, energy expenditure, lipid and glucose metabolism and adipose tissue metabolism are found to be associated with obesity in humans. Study on the influence of genetics on obesity is still new in Malaysia and yet to be carried out. Hence, it would be great interest if we can establish a DNA profile for obesity in our population. This study is aimed to investigate association between various single nucleotide polymorphisms with obesity parameters in the Malaysian subjects.


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