The impact of progressive deep muscle relaxation to the level of depression, anxiety, stress and quality of life among prostate cancer patients
Investigators: Dr Mohamad Rodi bin Isa
  Dr Moy Foong Ming
Agency: University of Malaya
Amount: RM 11,500
Grant: PPP Grant
Period: 2010-2011
Reference number: PS228/2010A

It was noted that anxiety, stress and depression among cancer patients are high. Receiving a diagnosis of prostate cancer can be disturbing experience for many men. Other than the possibility of death, they are also faced with serious challenges to their self-esteem particularly in terms of their masculinity. Cancer prostate patients will experience elevated levels of anxiety, stress and depression with some data said that these were due to loss of previously social and personal activities and abilities. Evidence shows that relaxation therapy may improve psychological outcomes in many diseases like after coronary artery bypass graft surgery, bronchial asthma, after hysterectomy etc. It also can reduce the pain levels in the osteoarthritis patients. The project is currently in the data collection phase.


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