Determinants of clinical outcomes among ACS patients following PCI in UMMC
Investigators: Dr Noorhaire Sumarlie B. Nordin
  Dr Moy Foong Ming
  Assoc Prof Imran Zainal Abidin
Agency: University of Malaya
Amount: RM 5,000 & RM 3,600
Grant: UM Postgraduate Research Grant
Period: August 2009 December 2010
Reference number: PS172/2009B & PS275/2010B

The aims of this study are to identify different determinants or predictors of clinical outcomes following PCI among ACS patients in UMMC, Malaysia as well as develop a prognostic model for the risk of these outcomes following PCI. Besides that this study plans to describe the HRQOL outcome following PCI in UMMC. This study will be the first study to identify the predictors of outcomes of PCI and provide knowledge in terms of local management in Malaysia. The prognostic model can be used as a tool for stratifying patients according to the risk of outcomes and as a simple bedside scoring system. The study design is a prospective cohort study. The study population is selected from all ACS patients who are admitted to the cardiology ward and undergo PCI in the UMMC. Data collection for the study is still ongoing. The project has funded research on one DrPH candidate. The completion of the study should result in 1 DrPH thesis and 3 journal papers.


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