Chikungunya infection in Pantai Remis: Seroprevalence, risk factors assessment and spatial point patterns analysis (2006 – 2007)
Principal Investigator Mas Ayu Said
Agency: University of Malaya
Grant Fundamental Research Project Fund
Amount RM20,000
Period 2006-2007
This is a cross sectional study aiming to better understand the epidemiology of Chikungunya infection patterns at Pantai Remis and to identify potential risk factors for this disease. Data collection includes face-to-face interview with a standard questionnaires and blood test for the presence of Chikungunya virus and other selected viruses. Potential serological pattern of the viruses within the community of Pantai Remis that predisposed them to the Chikungunya infection and outbreak will be included. Entomological and reservoir study through the collection of vector (mosquito) and sample from reservoir (Primate etc) would also be carried out.


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