Explorations of methods for adult health inequalities
Investigators: Dr. Ng Chiu Wan
Agency: International Development Research Centre (IDRC), Canada
Amount: RM 31,500 (C$ 10,250)
Grant: International Development Research Centre (IDRC), Canada
Period: April 2009-December 2010
Reference number: 105231

This study was intended to test the feasibility of using mortality data combined with census data to assess socioeconomic differentials in overall and adult mortality in Malaysia. National mortality data were used to estimate mortality rates by small areas (administrative districts), and then national census data, which contain data on living and environmental conditions, occupation and education of households in each small area, were used to rank each area by average socio-economic status, thus allowing mortality rates at the level of areas to be stratified according to the socioeconomic ranking of the areas. Rankings of areas by socioeconomic level were performed either using principle components analysis alone or in combination with econometric analysis of other sample socioeconomic surveys. This approach allowed examination of socioeconomic differentials in overall mortality as well as differentials in specific groups of diseases of interest. The results would contribute to a comparative study of the socioeconomic differentials in mortality in Sri Lanka, Malaysia, Vietnam and Hong Kong SAR, currently being undertaken by the Equity in Asia Pacific Health Systems (EQUITAP) research collaboration.


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