Factors affecting adherence to anti-retroviral treatment in HIV patients in Malaysia
Investigators: Prof Awang Bulgiba Awang Mahmud
  Dr Umar Yagoub Mohammed
  Dr Zamri bin Chik
  Dr Christopher KC Lee
  Devi Peramalah
Agency: University of Malaya
Amount: RM 222,200
Grant: University of Malaya Research
Period: April 2009-March 2012
Reference number: UMRG/RG006/09HTM

This project aims to determine the true level and determinants of adherence to anti-retroviral treatments in HIV positive patients in Sungai Buloh Hospital, Malaysia. It will also be used to validate self- reporting instruments as a means of testing adherence. This is the first study on adherence to antiretroviral treatment in Malaysia and expected to help in improving the clinical management of HIV/ AIDS patients, reduce drug resistance and treatment failure and more importantly provide the different pharmacy departments with sufficient information about the effect of their prescribed medications which will enable the country to avoid wastage of expensive medication. The study is a combined retrospective and prospective cohort in which a self-reported medication adherence questionnaire is administered and blood samples collected for analysis by mass spectrometry, while pharmacy records and medical test results are collected from medical electronic records retrospectively.

The project is funding research by one PhD candidate (Dr Umar Yagoub Mohammed). Primary data collection for the project has been completed and the blood samples have been analysed. The data is currently being analysed and are currently undergoing analysis. The completion of the project should result in 3 journal papers, 3 conference papers and 1 PhD thesis.


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