Injuries among the elderly in Alor Gajah District, Malacca (2006-2007)
Principal Investigator: Dr Noran Naqiah Hairi
Agency: University of Malaya
Grant Fundamental Research Project Fund
Amount RM25,000
Period 2006-2007
This study aims to determine the prevalence of injury among the elderly in a rural district (Alor Gajah). Data will be collected through medical records of injuries among elderly in all Health Centres in Alor Gajah, structured questionnaire, clinical assessment on balance and gait, home visit to assess environmental hazard and monthly calendar as a follow up tool. This study is of great importance to both the curative as well as the preventive health care system. The expected outcome of this study would provide the measures of frequency or the prevalence of injuries among the elderly. The population based data would enable us to determine the incidence of fall as well as its associated risk factors of fall among the elderly.


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