Promoting healthy lifestyle in worksite
Principal Investigaror: Assoc. Professor Atiya Sallam
Funding China Medical Board – RM35,000
Period 2003-2007
This is a quasi-experimental trial on the effectiveness of a workplace health promotion program targeting on the promotion of healthy lifestyle. The intervention group received individual and group counseling on diet, physical activity and smoking cessation. The comparison group was given minimal education on the same lifestyle changes through mail and group counseling. In the 2-year follow up, the intervention group showed a significant reduction in their mean total cholesterol with an intervention effect of -0.38 (95%C.I.: -0.63, -0.14) and a reduction of the number of cigarettes smoked. The detailed results are published in the Health Promotion International, 2006, 21(4): 301-310. This project was undertaken by the co-investigator as her PhD project.


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