List of Dissertation/Research Reports 2003

  MPH (Health Services Management)
Year Author Title
2002-2003 Kamal Hanafi Mansour Wahish. Healthcare-seeking pattern of the users utilising primary care services
2002-2003 Farizah Mohd Hairi.

Measuring service quality in an information and communication technology (ICT) integrated secondary care hospital

  MPH (Occupational Health)
2002-2003 Asmah Samat  
  MPH(General) - Research Protocol
Year Author Title
2002-2003 Abdin Mohamed Ahmed Mohamed Late complications in children who had meningitis at age less than five years in the epidemic occurred in 1999 in Khartoum state (Sudan )
2002-2003 Abdelgadir Suliman Saleh Elrashedd Iodine Concentration in Household Salt in Western Darfour State - Sudan
2002-2003 Ahmed Abdalla Abdurabu Mohamed Adverse Outcomes in Teenage Pregnancy in Portsudan City (Sudan)
2002-2003 Ahmed Salim Ahmed Fadeel The Effects of Birth Place and Birth Attendant on the Outcomes of Childbirth, Portsudan City (Sudan) January 2001-December 2001
2002-2003 Amir Elamani WagioaAlla Prevalence of Protein Energy Malnutrition (PEM) in Children Under Five Years in Daressalam Internally Displaced Persons (IDPs) CAMPS, Khartoum State , Sudan
2002-2003 Awadalla Babiker Ahmed Gestational Diabetes Mellitus in Wadmedani Maternity Hospital , Prevalence, Risk Factors
& Outcomes
2002-2003 Babiker Bannga Yousuf Elhag Measles Vaccine Efficacy in Khartoum State , Sudan
2002-2003 Bushra Ahmed Abdalgadir Maternal Mortality in RABAK Hospital : White Nile State , (1995 2000): Retrospective Descriptive Study
2002-2003 Claire Maria Viegas Delaying Childbirth in Malay Mothers: The Perinatal Implications
2002-2003 Eltayeb Mustafa Mansour Elamin HIV Behavioral Surveillance Survey of Military Personnel in South Sudan , A Study to Launch HIV Second Generation Surveillance System
2002-2003 Elwaleed Mohamed Elshiekh A Study on Patient Waiting Time at the Medical Out-patient Clinic, Omdurman Teaching Hospital (MOPCOTH)
2002-2003 Elwaleed Mohamed Ibrahim Elnagar Risk factors of breast cancer in women attending Elobied Teaching Hospital, Elobied, North Kordofan State , Sudan : A Multi-Factorial, Case-Control Study
2002-2003 Fauziah binti Nordin Prevalence of Acute Respiratory Infections among Breast fed and Non-breast fed infants who attended the Maternal and Child Health Clinic at Klinik Kesihatan Selayang Baru, Selangor
2002-2003 Hisham Muzamil Mohamed Impact of Community participation on Insecticide Treated Materials as a Malaria Control Programme Strategy in Blue Nile State - Sudan
2002-2003 Ibrahim Abelmagied Mohamed Genawi Prevalence and attitude of female circumcision among attenders of Obstetrics & Gynaecology Referral clinics, Khartoum State Sudan
2002-2003 Isam Abd Allah Mustafa Ahmed Maternal Mortality in Atbarah Hospital , North Eastern Sudan From January 1998-2002:
Causes of Death & Associated Risk Factors
2002-2003 Ismuni b. Bohari Assessment of Quality of Medical Record in Serian Hospital
2002-2003 Izzuna Mudla bt Mohamed Ghazali A study of falls among elderly people in Kuala Kangsar district, Perak State
2002-2003 Khalid Elnour Hassan Abdalla Elnasry Mother's knowledge, Attitude and Practices (KAP) Regarding Diarrhoea Management in Shendi
Province in River Nile State in Sudan
2002-2003 Latifah bt. A. Rahman Effect of Inter pregnancy Interval on Perinatal Outcomes
2002-2003 Leela V. Sabapathy Perceptions of Doctors on Patient Satisfaction at Two Public Hospitals in Peninsular Malaysia
2002-2003 Mohamed Mustafa Salih Acute respiratory tract infection in children under five years, Algetana , Sudan
2002-2003 Nahla A. Hameid A. AAL Ahmed Malaria as a risk factor for anaemia in pregnancy among hospitalized pregnant mothers in
Wadmedani Maternity Teaching Hospital, Gaziera , Sudan 2004
2002-2003 Noran Naqiah Mohd Hairi Short inter pregnancy interval and pregnancy maternal obesity. Two preventable risk factors for perinatal mortality A study in district of Melaka Tengah, Malacca
2002-2003 Nor Zahrin bt Hasran Assessing Husband-Wife Communication about Family Planning Among Patients attending Clinic at Health Centres in Kuala Langat District of Selangor .
2002-2003 Mansor Ismail Prevalence of chronic respiratory symptoms and pulmonary function impairments among cement factory workers in Langkawi , Malaysia
2002-2003 Osman Hassan Elhag Bilail Prevalence of sexually transmitted diseases among women attending antenatal clinics,
Khartoum State Sudan
2002-2003 Rahimah bt Ngah The effect of maternal smoking on the prevalence of Low Birth Weight Infant in Maternal Unit, Hospital Kuala Lumpur
2002-2003 Soo Chun Paul Knowledge, attitude and practice about malaria among the Penans of Baram District, Miri Division, Sarawak
2002-2003 Sujatha Doraimanickam A Prevalence Study of Stress on Clinical Master Students in University Malaya Medical Centre, Kuala Lumpur
2002-2003 Tan Chee Choong An Epidemiological Study of the Prevalence and Duration of Low Back pain and its relationship with personal and work related characteristics as risk factors
2002-2003 Yassir Medowi Mohamed Elshami Factors associated with risking trend of caesarean section rates in Wad-Medani Teaching Hospital, Gezira State , Sudan from 1992-2001
2002-2003 Zuraida binti Hj Mohamed Knowledge, practice and self reported toxicity symptoms related to usage of insecticides and prevalence of usage of personal protective equipment (PPE) among vector control workers in Negeri Sembilan
  MMedSc(PH) - Research Proposal
Year Author Title
2002-2003 Che Pun bt Bujang Understanding the use of inhaler medication by asthmatic patients in Klinik Kesihatan Seremban
2002-2003 Faiza Bakheit Yousif Bushara Byssinosis Prevention and Control
2002-2003 Hassan Bashir Mohamed Abbas Self-questionnaire, the simplest method for diagnosis of Schistosomiasis among the rural
school children in Khartoum State
2002-2003 Jamuna d/o Jairaman @ Jeyaraman An analysis of five years of prevalence of nosocomial infections at Klang General Hospital
2002-2003 Khalid Yaser Ghailan The study of the utilisation of post partum services in the west coastal rural area of Yemen
2002-2003 Raga N A Elzahaf Job satisfaction of nurses in Alwahda Hospital , Derna-Libya
2002-2003 Rosminah bt Mohd Din Prevalence of anaemia among pregnant women attending antenatal clinics in the district of
Petaling, Selangor
2002-2003 Shaaldeen Hamza Elhusein Assessment of food hygiene and sanitary condition of Restaurants in Khartoum North
District of Sudan
2002-2003 Tee Guat Hiong Cigarette smoking among health inspector trainees: Prevalence, Characteristics and
Attitudes at entrance and completion of Training Course


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