List of Dissertation/Research Reports 2001

Year Author Title
  MPH (General)  
2000/2001 Mas Ayu Said An Exploratory Study of Stigma in Mental Illness. Attitudes of Medical Students towards Mental Health
2000/2001 Norashikin Ibrahim A Study of the Knowledge, Attitude and Practices of Nutrition Among Pregnant Women in University of Malaya Medical Centre
2000/2001 Siah Chui Khim Breastfeeding Practices Among Women Attending An Urban Polyclinic in Kuala Lumpur
2000/2001 Rosidah Shaikh Salim Non-compliance Among Tuberculosis Patients in the Institute of Respiratory Medicine, Hospital Kuala Lumpur
2000/2001 Nor Bizura Abdul Hamid Privitisation in Health
2000/2001 Mohammad Ismail Mohamed Yusoff Malaysian Ministry of Health Budgetting System & Budget Utilization in the District Health Offices in the State of Melaka - A Descriptive Study
2000/2001 Malek Sazali Abdul Razak A Study of the Quality Assurance of the Morbidity and Mortality Coding Based on the International Classification of Diseases - 10th Revision (ICD10) in Year 2000, Hospital Batu Gajah, Perak
2000/2001 Khalid Tag Elsir Abdin Common Medical Problems Among Elderly Attending Primary Health Care and Geriatric Ward in University Hospital Kuala Lumpur
2000/2001 Victor Hoe Chee Wai Evidence Based Medicine: Medical Officer's Preception and Practice in Hospital Kuala Lumpur
2000/2001 ElRasheid Mustafa Mohamed Health Information System with Special Emphasis to Registration of Births, Stillbirths and Infant Death in Jasin Health District
2000/2001 Tarig Abdelgader Treatment on Tuberculosis with Emphasis on Direct Observe Theraphy Short-Course (DOTS) Regieme
2000/2001 Magadi Mirghani Elmahdi Abuhara Possible Factors Influencing the System of Acquisition of Helicobacteria Pylori and Its Consequences in the University Hospital, Kuala Lumpur
2000/2001 Richard Avoi Tuberculosis in Penampang District, Sabah 2001
2000/2001 Nor Bizura Abdul Hamid Literature Search Privatisation in Health
  MMedSc (PH)  
2000/2001 Lee Lai Fun A KAP Study Among Women With History of Gestational Diabetis in the Prevention of Type 2 Diabetes in University Malaya Medical Centre
2000/2001 Moy Foong Ming Prevalence Insights into Obesity in Kampong Awal, University Malaya
2000/2001 Salaheldin Mubarak ElKhalifa Dengue Vector Control Activities in Gombak District
2000/2001 Wely El Deen Iz El Deen

Role and Function of Teachers in the School Health Programme in Sekolah Rendah Jenis Kebangsaan St Mary, Kuala Lumpur

  MPH (Health Services Management)  
2000/2001 Siti Halimah Syed Shaikh Payment Schemes among Private Hospital Patients in Malacca
  MPH (Family Health)  
2000/2001 Norsihimah Wahid Validity of Colour coding as a Risk Approach Strategy Assessment Tool in Antenatal Management in Larut Matang District
  MPH (Epidemiology)  
2000/2001 Gurpreet Kaur

A Study of the Endemicity and risk Factors of Malaria among the Orang Asli community of Raub, Pahang


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