Research Activities

The researches in the Department of SPM is conducted through its three research centres; the Julius Centre University of Malaya (JCUM), Centre for Population Health, UM (CePH UM) and the Centre for Occupational and Environmental Health. The centres are part of the Health and Translation Medicine Clusters. The current main research projects include,

  1. Diseases Among Poverty: A Community-Based Participatory Action Research Project (HTMC Flagship Project)
  2. Malaysian Breast Cancer Survivorship Cohort (MyBCC)
  3. Malaysian Health and Adolecents Longitudinal Research Team (MyHeART) Study
  4. Spatio-Temporal Modelling and Meta-analysis Programme (STeMM)
  5. Clustering of Lifestyle Risk Factors and Understanding Its Association with Stress on Health and Wellbeing Among School Teachers In Malaysia (CLUSTer)
  6. Workplace Hazard Identification and Prevention (WoHIP)
  7. Work Ability (WorAb)
  8. Work (Occupational) Epidemiology and Health Promotion (WEHoP)

Beside that, other research projects are also conducted by the staff and research students.

The following are the list of research projects conducted by the Department

Research Fundings

Research fundings are available from many venue, the fundings available from the Faculty of Medicine are Fundamental Vote (Vote F), China Medical Board Research Fund, Ranjeet Bhagwan Singh Research Grant CMB Research Fund and Fundamental Research Project Fund. The information of the fund are available from the University of Malaya, Instituite of Research Management and Consultancy (IPPP)


The staff of the department also publish papers in peer review journals and books

Research Data

The Department of Social and Preventive Medicine, and its research centres has over the years acquired data from its research activity.

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The Occupational Medicine Clinic is a referral clinic for occupational diseases and is open on every Friday in University Malaya Medical Centre.