Books: National House Health Expenditure Survey 1996 (NHHES96)

The National House Health Expenditure Survey 1996 (NHHES96) was conceived as a project to obtain some information and understanding of what was an important source of health financing - the expenditure incurred "out of their own pockets" by the population of Malaysia for the purpose of maintaining their health or treating their illness. Other sources of health financing were the portion of the national budget allocated to "health", medical and health benefits provided by employers as part of a worker's remuneration package, and health insurrance.

It was felt that there was a dreath of data and information about this source of health financing and in view of policies to streamline the operations of various government agencies by various means, it was necessary to understand the position and relative importance of this particular sector which contributes to the financing of health and health care


Dr Atiya Abdul Sallam
Dr Htunn Myint Latt
Dr Hamidah Abd Karim
Dr Jason S.T. Teoh
Dr Nabillah Al-Sadat Abd Mohsein
Dr Raja Latifah Raja Jalalludin
Dr Soe Nyunt-U


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