Asbestos a hidden killer

Asbestos is a hidden killer that can cause serious diseases. Dr Marzuki Isahak, medical lecturer from the Centre for Occupational and Environmental Health-UM (COEH-UM), Department of Social and Preventive Medicine has been recently featured in a local newspaper (Metro Ahad) discussing on the danger of asbestos exposures. He discussed the possible sources of asbestos exposure, preventive measures and diseases that related to asbestos exposure. In order to reduce the effect of long term exposure to asbestos on workers, he urged that the legislations should be enforced to prohibit the use of all kinds of asbestos in workplaces, as done in 43 of other countries in the world. If this could be implemented, the use of asbestos based product can be reduced and the number of occupational disease caused by asbestos could be minimised.


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