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December 2009

3 December 2009

A number of the academic staff from the department participated in the 41st APACPH Conference held in Taipei, Taiwan. A number of oral presentations and poster presentations were presented by academicians from the department during the conference. A/P Dr Retnewari had also represented the university in signing the APACPH Declaration during the closing ceremony on the 6 December 2009.

1 December 2009

The department bids farewell to Mdm Wee Bee Suan, who is transferring out to pursuit her career in Terengganu. To appreciate her contributions throughout her tenure, the department held a farewell lunch and wish her all the best for her future endeavours.

November 2009

20 November 2009

Congratulations to A/P Retneswari who was inducted as a Fellow of the Faculty of Occupational Medicine, Royal College of Physician, Ireland at its Annual Admission Ceremony on Friday 20th November 2009.

18 November 2009

The department held a farewell lunch for Dr. Amina Khambalia. Dr. Amina completed her tenure as a fellow for the Julius Centre UM, and will be heading back to Australia to continue her work. The department would like to thank Dr. Amina and wish her all the best for the future.

2 November 2009

Professor Dennis D'Auria from the University of Waleswas in the department as the external examiner for the defence of the Master in Public Health (Occupational Health) candidate. While here, Professor Dennis D'Auria had also been given a briefing of the department by the HOD. Following the exam, he was treated for lunch by the dean and later gave a review of the deparment's curriculum and activities.

October 2009

31 October 2009

Professor Awang Bulgiba was invited to conduct some sessions in statistics for the Statistics and Rating Scales in Psychiatry Workshop organised by the Department of Psychological Medicine, UM. The workshop was held at the Avillion Village Resort in Port Dickson from 31 October  to 1 November 2009. More...

14 October 2009

The SPM Deepa Raya Celebration day was held today for all SPM staff and students. The event was organised by the student of MPH / MMedSc (PH) and PG unit with a mix of both local and international students attending the event.. The celebration was filled with a lot of food combination of the two ethnics celebrating the Hari Raya and Deepavali in Malaysia such as lemang, rendang, nasi impit, capati, tosai, Indian candies and also raya cookies. Prof Awang, Ms. Jayasutha and Puan Nor Hayati were the fortunate winners of the lucky draw prizes during the event.More...

13 - 15 October 2009

Employee Assistance Program (EAP) Role Out and Stress Management Workshop: This joint workshop with the UM Wellness Program was organized by Dr Marzuki Isahak , assisted by UM Wellness teams during the workshop. The head of the department, A/P Dr. Retneswari Masilamani was invited to launch the ceremony. The participant of this workshop was chosen from screening test performed during the previous UM Wellness program in June 2009.

8 October 2009

On 8th -10th of October, the JCUM organized the Evidence Based Practice Workshop which was held in the department. The three days workshop was conducted by Professor Paul P Glasziou from Oxford University and lectures from University Malaya such as Dr Liew Su May (Primary Care, UM), Dr Mas Ayu Said (SPM, UM), Dr Noran Naqiah (SPM, UM), Dr Claire Choo (SPM, UM), Dr Julia Patrick ( Rehab, UM), Dr Norita Hussein (Primary Care, UM). There were also facilitators from this department assisting the break out sessions, such as Dr Azlan Darus, Dr Rafdzah Ahmad Zaki and Dr Anselm Su Ting. More...

6 October 2009

The End Note workshop on 6th of October was conducted by Prof Dr. Awang and Dr. Moy Foong Ming. Over 30 registered participants came for this one day course which was held at the Department's Computer Lab. We also had participant coming all the way from Swinburne University of Technology Kuching, Sarawak to join this workshop. More...

1 October 2009

Dr. Azlan appeared on the TV3 morning show "Malaysia Hari Ini". The interview had focused on the influenza A H1N1 pandemic and the importance of hygiene practices to curb the spread of infection.

September 2009

30 September 2009

The Clinical Epidemiology Workshop was successfully held at the department from 30th of September to 2nd of October 2009. The workshop was conducted by lecturers from Julius Centre University of Malaya (JCUM) including Prof Awang Bulgiba Awang Mahmud , Dr Moy Foong Ming, Dr Claire Choo Wan Yuen and Dr Rafdzah Ahmad Zaki. The workshop was jointly conducted with Professor Yolanda van der Graaf, Professor Arno W Hoes, Associate Professor Helena Marieke Herkooijen from Julius Centre Health Science and Primary Care, University Medical Centre Utrecht. Nearly 40 participants from all over the country attende the workshop , mostly were from Ministry Of Health and other universities. More...

10 September 2009

The department wish to announce that Dr. Sanjay Rampal has been promoted as an Associate Professor. Best wishes and congratulations to Assoc. Professor Dr. Sanjay Rampal.

1 September 2009

Congratulations to A/P Retneswari Masilamani who is appointed to be the new head of the SPM Department. She will take over where Prof Awang has left off and under her guidance, the department look forward towards further progress to become one of the most excellent academic department in the university. With her being the head of department, Dr. Azlan Darus is appointed to replace her as the head of the Occupational and Environmental Health Unit in the department.

August 2009

31 August 2009

Prof Awang Bulgiba who is appointed as the Deputy Dean (Undergraduate) of the faculty of Medicine. Prof Awang had been the head of the SPM department since 2006 and had been the driving force in the rapid progression of the department. The department would certainly feel the loss of such a charismatic leader, but the faculty as awhole will definitely gain with him as a Deputy Dean. Congratulations!

20 August 2009

A/P Dr. Saimy was the university captain in the annual golf tournament between UM and the National University of Singapore. This round, the tournament was held in Ipoh. Tuanku Chancellor DYMM Paduka Seri Sultan Perak led the University of Malaya. National University of Singapore was led by His Excellency President S R Nathan. Accompanying the Chancellors were Professor Datuk Dr Ghauth Jasmon and Professor Tan Chorh Chuan, the Vice Chancellors of UM and NUS respectively. More...

19 August

Congratulations to Ms Shamsina Shamsuddin who received the degree of Bachelor in Science (Hons) in Mathematics from Universiti kebangsaan Malaysia today.

11 August 2009

Congratulations to senior lecturers Dr. Anselm Su Ting and Dr. Maslinor Ismail on receiving their MPH(Occ. Health) and MPH(Family Health) degrees respectively during the UM convocation.

10-15 August 2009

The University convocation was held between 10th of August and the 15th of August 2009. A total of 30 MPH graduates, 18 MMedSc(PH) graduates and 9 MPH(specialty) graduated and received their scroll on the day.

10 August 2009

A farewell lunch was held today for Dr. Sanjay Rampal, who is leaving to pursuit his PhD. Dr. Sanjay will be leaving in August to Harvard University for 3 years.

8 August 2009

The SPM integration day was held today. The event was organised by the PG Unit in SPM to acquaint the newly registered MPH / MMedSc (PH) candidates in the department with the department staff and facilities. The fun filled event included tradisional games such as congkak, menganyam ketupat, batu seremban and also a treasure hunt around the faculty.

7 August 2009

The department bid farewell to Ms Siti Nurmaznum who is benig transfered to the Examination Section in the University. Ms. Siti had een the PA for the HOD and later the Management Unit, just prior to her transfer. In the farewell ceremony held together with A/P Nabilla's lunch, the department presented her with a gift of appreciation for her service in the department. We wish her all the best for her at the new place of work.

7 August 2009

A/P Dr. NAbilla had ararnged for a lunch to celebrate her promotion to Associate Professorship. The lunch was held at the department lecture hall, attended by the Deputy Deans, the HOD, academic staff and support staff from the department and also ex-SPM staff. The department congratulate her promotion on welcome her new position to further enhance the departments academic and researchcapability.

5 August

A/P Dr. Retneswari and Dr. Azlan Darus appeared on the Hello Malaysia on Astro Awani. The one hour programme discussed travel medicine requirements and the influenza A H1N1 pandemic which is currently an issue of hot discussion.

3 August 2009

The department would like to welcome Pn. Normala Shamsuddin, who had transfered into our department today. Pn. Normala will now become the programme assistant for the Management Unit. We wish her all the best and a warm welcome to our department.

July 2009

28 July 2009

The Deputy Dean (Infrastructure), Prof Mustafa announced that the budget for the Centre of Population Health had been approved. Following this, plans for renovation works will start soon.

28 July 2009

Prof Awang gave a lunch to the department for his birthday. the Nasi Hujan Panas Lunch was attended by the Dean, Prof Dato' Dr Ikram, and Deputy Deans, Prof. Rosmawati and Prof. Mustafa Ali, as well as all the academic and support staff in the department. We wish Prof Awang a happy birthday and may he be blessed with good health always.

24 July 2009

The SPM Department held a scientific writing workshop “ Writing a Good Scientific Paper” for the department staff and students at the Equatorial Hotel in Bangi. The 3 days workshop from the 24th July 2009 to 26th July 2009 was participated by 14 staffs and students from the department. The work shop was aimed to train the participants on the intricacies of scientific writing  and publications in peer reviewed journals. More...

17 July 2009

The Academy of Science of Malaysia recently organised a five-day course “Training Course on Research &Development Approaches and Management for Young Scientists” from July 13-17, 2009. Professor Awang Bulgiba Awang Mahmud gave a riveting lecture on “Publishing your research” on July 16. He expounded on the whys, hows and when one should publish one’s work. The course was attended by 43 participants from Research Institutes and universities (private and public) from all over Malaysia. More...

16 July 2009

The Scientific Writing Workshop was held at the department from 14-16th of July 2009. The course which was conducted by Prof. David Koh and A/p Lee See Muah from National University of Singapore was aimed at training the participants on scientific paper writing and submissions for publication. The workshop was attended by DrPH and MPH candidates from the department and faculty. During their visit, A/P Lee See Muah had also given a lunch talk entitiled "Ethical Issues in Scientific Publication" to the students and staff of the depatment.

10 July 2009

The department conducted MOODLE Basics Workshop, jointly held with the Academic Development Centre (ADeC) of the University Malaya. The workshop was aimed at familiarising academicians and the program assistants with e-learning software (MOODLE) used in the university. A total of 30 participants attended the workshop, comprising of SPM staff as well as academic staff from other departments in the faculty. More...

6 July 2009

The department would like to welcome all postgraduate candidates for the Master in Public Health, Master in Medical Science(Public Health) and Doctorate in Public Health to the department for the new semester of the 2009/2010 academic year.

3 July 2009

The Organisation and Management of Healthcare System (OMHS) module for phase IIIb MBBS was concluded today. The students were divided into 8 groups and had visited 8 districts in Selangor, Wilayah Persekutuan, Negeri Sembilan and Pahang for a hands on experience on the health organisations in the respectice areas. The module was concluded with the students presentations on the health organisations and focus areas which were assigned to each group. More...

1 July 2009

The department would like to welcome all the new staff who had recently joined us. They're:
Dr. Anselm Su Ting - Occupational Health Physician joining the OEH Unit (July)
Dr. Lim Siew Seen - Research Fellow joining the Julius Centre (May)
Dr Amina Khambalia - Research fellow joining the Julius Centre (June)
Ms Norlissa Gani - Dietitian joining the Epistats Unit (July)

June 2009

30 June 2009

Pusat Teknologi Maklumat (PTM) Universiti Malaya recently organised a two-day course on Data Processing and Analysis Using SPSS. Three staff from our department were involved in running the course, which involved basic theory and hands-on application of SPSS software. Profesor Awang Bulgiba Awang Mahmud took on the first day, covering topics such as introduction to statistics and SPSS data entry and data management including the use of syntax, and also descriptive statistics. On the second day, Dr Sanjay covered the concept of inferential statistics, later proceding into basic statistical tests such as t-tests, ANOVA and chi square test. Roshidi Ismail facilitated on both days. 28 participants comprising of UM staff from various faculties and divisions attended the course. More...

18 June 2009

A/P Retneswari attended a meeting on global warming and environmental health issues in Jakarta. The meeting which was organised by the French Embassy in Jakarta and the World Health Organisation discussed the environmental health effects of the current environmental changes affecting the earth, and what are the countries in Asia are doing to reduce it's effects. More...

17 June 2009

Train the Trainers workshop was organized by AsiaLink on 15 to 17 of June at A Famosa Resort, Malacca . It was aimed to train clinicians in University of Malaya (UM) to improve knowledge on etiology, diagnosis, prognosis and treatment or prevention of disease. It was attended by 25 clinicians from various deparments. The training focused strongly on clinical epidemiologic principles and methods for patient-oriented research. It was conducted by Associate Professor Geert van der Heijden and Dr Maroeska Rovers, professor of clinical epidemiology from University of Medical Centre Utrecht.

17 June 2009

Dr Marzuki Isahak and Dr Rafdzah Mohd Zaki have appeared in Hello Malaysia programme in 17th June 2009. It was aired live in Bernama TV (astro channel 502). In this one hour session, they were discussing about Wellness Programme at Workplace: Prevention is Better Than Cure. Example was given on our own UM Wellness Programme and all other companies are encouraged to have their wellness programme at workplace. They received questions from tremendous number of callers which asking various concern regarding wellness activities and health in general. An advice was also given on the importance of having regular health screening. 

17 June 2009

The Equity in Asia-Pacific Health Systems (EQUITAP) Research Network recently held its sixth meeting in Seoul, South Korea from 17th – 18th June 2009.  This meeting was attended by Dr Ng Chiu Wan. More...

9 June 2009

The University of Malaya Health Awareness Day was successfully held on the 9th June 2009. The members of the University’s Board of Director, Deputy Vice Chancellor, Dean of Faculty of Medicine and senior officers of the university were present to grace this event. Activities involved includes senamrobik, health screening, exhibition booth and various others. More...

3 June 2009

The SPM Annual Report 2008 is available for viewing. Click to view.

May 2009

26 May 2009

Congratulations to Dr. Nabilla Al-Sadat Mohsein on being promoted to Associate Profeesor. A/P Dr. Nabilla is the head of the Family Health Unit and Centre of Population Health at the SPM Department. Her appointment will enhance the department's profile and propels further our strive for excellence. Congratulations!

26 May 2009

Prof Awang Bulgiba was invited to be the external examiner this year for the MBBS Semester 5 examinations for the International Medical University. The International Medical University is the largest private medical school in Malaysia and is twinned with many overseas medical schools. During the period of the examination from 18-26 May 2009, he observed the conduct of the OBA (One Best Answer) paper, MEQ (Modified Essay Question) paper, OSPE (Objective Structured Practical Examination) paper and OSCE (Objective Structured Clinical Examination) paper. He also marked a sample of the answer scripts and exchanged ideas with several staff from the IMU. It is an honour to be invited to be an external examiner and Prof Awang Bulgiba has had his fair share in 2009.

23 May 2009

A/P Retneswari appeared on TV1 talk programme " Vasantham". The Tamil talk show discussed stress at the workplace and mental illness affecting the community.

22 May 2009

The SPM Department is instrumental in the signing of MoU between University of Malaya and UAE University today. The 5 year MoU signed will enhance relationship between the two universitites, and further cooperations between the universities. The SPM had been closely working with the medical faculty in UAEU through our links. More...

20 May 2009

The Center for Population Health (CePH) members attended two meetings with the Pahang State Health Office (13 May 2009) and Penang State Health Office (20 May 2009) in conjunction with the cancer registry forum.  The purpose of the visits were to learn and observe the activities ran by the cancer registry and exploring further collaboration between CePH-UM and Ministry of Health on the establishment of cancer registry by CePH-UM. More...

19 May 2009

A/P Dr. Retneswari and Dr. Azlan visited the Department of Epidemiology and Public Health at the National University of Singapore. The purpose of the trip is to visit the environmental and occupational health laboratory at the department, as part of preparatory phase for development of similar lab in SPM Department. During the visit, they're were given a briefing by Prof. Chia Sin Eng, and was brought through an extended visit to the lab, looking at infrastructure and equipments. More...

13 May 2009

Dr. Moy Foong Ming appeared on the programme "Hello Malaysia" on Astro Awani. The live show was aired on channel 502, in which she spoke about 'Obesity'. The lively interview had discussed the importance of managing weight through diet and exercise. Dr. Moy was accompanied by Dr. Mohd. Shariff A. Hamid from the Sports Medicine Unit.

06 May 2009

The End Note Course was conducted by Prof Dr. Awang and Dr. Moy Foong Ming. Over 40 participants enrolled for the one day course which was held at the Department's Computer Lab. More...

April 2009

30 April 2009

mphmmedscThe board meeting for the MPH/MMedSci(PH) final examination was concluded this morning. A total of 29 MPH candidates had passed their examination, while 17 candidates passed the MMedSc(PH) exams. Out of these, 26 of the students are also eligible to further their studies for Doctorate in Public Health. Following the board meeting, a photo session was held with the students at the Dean's office. More...

25 April 2009

The SPM department held our annual family day at the Putrajaya Botanical Garden. The event was attended by all staff and postgraduate students at the department, together with all our families. The event, which started at 0900am was filled with fun activities including exerobic, adult and children's telematch, treasure hunt, karaoke and lucky draws. Free flow of drinks and delicious breakfast and lunch were provided during the event. After a full day of fun and games, the family day was ended at 1430 pm. Qudos to the organisers, lead by Dr. Maznah for a very succesful event. More...

22 April 2009

Dr. Maznah Dahlui and Pn. Seri Dr. Norlaili Abd Aziz were guests on the Hello Malaysia talk show on Bernama TV, speaking on women's health.The session discussed on the importance of giving attention to women’s health, describing the issues related to women’s health and on what are the means and ways to overcome the issues and promote women’s health. Emphasis was given to breast cancer, which is the leading cause of death in women of Malaysia and one of the cancers that can be cured if detected and treated early. Healthy eating and regular exercise were highly promoted while breast self examination and attending cervical PAP smear were encouraged.

15th April 2009

The MPH and part I MPH(specialty) examinations were concluded.

10 April 2009

A lunch was held at the department to wish farewell to Pn. Seri Dr. Norlaili Abd Aziz and Ms Nur Zalikha Sazali. The event was attended by the head of department, both academic and non-academic staff and Prof. Omar Kasule who was visiting the department. Pn. Seri Dr. Norlaili is leaving for an associate professsor post in Cyberjaya University College of Medical Sciences at the end of April. Ms. Nur Zalikha will be joining HUKM as a medical lab technician. The department wish them success in their future endeavour.

8 April 2009

A/P Retneswari Masilamani and Dr. Azlan Darus appeared on the programme "Hello Malaysia" on Astro Awani. The live show was aired on channel 502, in which both the lecturers spoke about 'Workplace Stress'. The lively interview had discussed the importance of managing stress at the workplace and it's effect on the workers and organisations. The programme also entertained viewer's calls enquiring about the issue.

7 April 2009

Board of examiners meeting for MPH (Specialty) final examination was held today. The final examination for the MPH (Specialty) candidates were held from the 31st March 2009 until 07 April 2009. The external examiners for this year’s examination were Professor Malcolm Sim from Monash University (Melbourne), Professor Colin Binns from Curtin University of Technology (Perth) and Professor  Iain Blair from United Arab Emirates University (UAE). A total of 9 candidates sat for their defence of research report. More...

4 April 2009

A/P Retneswari Masilamani were elected as the Chairman of the Society of Occupational and Environmental Medicine, Malaysian Medical Association during the society's Annual General meeting held in the PJ Hilton today. Dr. Azlan Darus was also elected as the honorary secretary during the meeting.

March 2009

25 March 2009

The department visited Melaka Manipal Medical College in Batu Baru, Melaka on the 25th March 2009. The group  included the head of department, Prof. Dr. Awang Bulgiba, eight other academic staff and five support staff. The purpose of the visit was to share the runnings of the teaching curriculum in  MMMC as reflection of medical teaching in a private centre, while at the same time also learn about public health teaching program in MMMC. The group was met by the dean, Prof. John. T Arokiasamy who gave a briefing on the medical college. More...

24 March 2009

The Hospital Cost Accounting Workshop was successfully held at the department from the 23-24th MArch 2009. The course was attended by participants from various agencies, notably from the Ministry of Health. The 2 days course had involved both theoretical and practical sessions to enable a more "hands-on" experience for the participants.

20 March 20090

The Community Residency Programme (CRP) for MBBS candidates phase IIIB was conducted this year from 23 February to 20th March.2009. The whole class were divided into 5 groups and the programme was carried out in five districts in the state of Pahang, namely Lipis, Bera, Pekan, Rompin and Maran. The debriefing session for the programme was conducted in HTAR Klang on the 18 and 19th March.

6 March 2009

Professor Awang Bulgiba visited the United Arab Emirates University (UAEU) in Al Ain, UAE from 2-6 March 2009 as part of UM’s efforts in creating sustainable international linkages. UM and UAEU have expressed a mutual interest in collaborating in the area of public health given that UM has a long history of public health education and UAEU is trying to start its own programme in public health. More...

Februari 2009

20 February 2009

The Deputy Vice-Chancellor (Academic and International) of UM, Prof. Dato' Dr. Mohd Amin Jalaludin and Head of SPM Dept., Prof Dr. Awang Bulgiba appeared in the Hello Malaysia program on Bernama TV. The programme was aired live on Astro Channel 502. During the show, Prof Dato Dr. Mohd Amin and Prof Dr. Awang Bulgiba spoke about the importance of public health and opportunities for Public Health post-graduate training offered in the Department of Social and Preventive Medicine. A few of our international students were interviewed and also featured in the programme.

18 Februari 2009

UM and Queen's University, Belfast jointly launched the Centre for Population Health (CePH) at the Chancellory Building in UM. The new centre will be housed in the Department of Social and Preventive Medicine and represents the efforts of the SPM Dept and Centre for Public Health in Queen’s. Present at the launch were UM’s VC, Professor Datuk Ghauth Jasmon, Queen's University Vice-Chancellor Professor Peter Gregson, Faculty of Medicine Dean Professor Ikram Shah Ismail and SPM Dept Head Professor Awang Bulgiba. More...

6 February 2009

The department represented the faculty in the IPS Open Day on the 06 February 2009. The department show cased our post graduate programmes via banners, pamphlets and video show, making our booth the biggest during the open day. We have had over whelming enquiries from visitors on availability of our programmes and intersted participants had also took the opportunity to register for the upcoming courses. More...

5 Februari 2009

The Department held a meeting with field supervisors post-graduate degrees, held at the Biotech Lab Lecture Hall. The meeting was attended by field supervisors from various divisions in Ministry of Health and others such as DOSH and District Health Offices. A briefing was given by Prof. Awang Bulgiba and Dr. Maznah Dahlui.This was followed by a lengthy discussion on the roles of the supervisors and the future of Public Health Specialist. The meeting adjourned at noon and followed by lunch at the department. More...

3 Februari 2009

The Department held a farewell lunch to Ms Aimi Nadira who is leaving for Melbourne University to continue her study in Master of Public Health. She had joined the Department as coordinator of the Asialink Programmes since May 2008. The lunch was attended by all staff in the department. The department wishes her good luck in her studies. The department also welcome Ms Hamizwanis Hamid who replaces Ms Aimi as the Asia-Link Programme Coordinator. More...

Januari 2009

24 Januari 2009

Short course on Survival Analysis was successfully completed. the course was ran over 3 days comprising lecture series and practical computer applications for the analysis. A total of 14 participants had attended the course including participants from Universiti Air Langga, Surabaya and also local participants from the faculty and the CRC. More...

22 January 2009

Professor Awang Bulgiba visited Queen’s University, Belfast (QUB) from 17-22 January 2009 as part of UM’s efforts in creating sustainable international linkages. UM and QUB have expressed a mutual interest in collaborating in the area of public health given that UM has a long history of public health education and QUB is recognised as one of 5 UK Centres of Excellence in Public Health. More...

17 January 2009

Congratulation to A/P Retneswari who was inducted as a Fellow of the Academy of Occupational and Environmental Medicine Malaysia, during their 2nd Annual Conference held at the Legend Hotel, Kuala Lumpur. More...

17 January 2009

The 4th Symposium on the Burden of Neglected Diseases was succesfully held at the UMMC Clinical Auditorium. The symposium was attended by more than 60 participants. Papers were presented by speakers from both local and overseas, including Dr. Ng Chiu Wan and Dr. Mas Ayu Said. The symposium had also for the first time incorporate a teleconference session forn the United States.Congratulations for Dr Ng Chiu Wan and team for successfully organising the symposium. Read more and download abstracts...

16 January 2009

The SPM short course on Multiple Logistic Regression was succesfully completed today. The 3 day course was attended by 21 participants from the University and also outside such as the Ministry of Health. More...

13 Januari 2009

The 2009 UM Expo was conducted from 13-15 January 2009 at Dewan Tunku Canselor, UM.  The theme of the expo was “Value creation through research and innovation” .From the SPM Dept, Professor Dr Awang Bulgiba was appointed as one of the judges for the Expo.  Dr Moy Foong Ming presented her project entitled “Promoting Healthy Lifestyle at Worksite” and won a silver medal for it.More...

13 January 2009

Professor David Koh from the National University of Singapore is at the department as visiting professor. Prof. David was here from 12th to the 14th of this month. While here, he had discussions on ongoing research at the OEH unit and also discussed the research proposals of the DrPH candidates for next year. Prof. David had also given a talk on'Medico-Legal Aspect of fitness for work evaluation" at the Biotech Lab Lecture Hall on the 13th of January. More...

7&8 January 2009

The UM Wellness Roadshow was conducted from 7.30 am to 12.00noon in DP2 and MP3 in Block D, Perdanasiswa within the UM campus. The Wellness Roadshow provided physical activity and fitness assessment, dietary assessment, body fat monitoring etc.  A series of talks on screening and health, diet and cholesterol, stress management and smoking cessation were also conducted concurrently.

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