Master of Public Health: List of Courses
  Core Courses
  1. seven core courses each of three credit hours, totalling twenty-one (21) credit hours;

  2. one core course of four (4) credit hours;
Code Title Credit hours
MOGB6107 Principles and Methods of Epidemiology 3
MOGB6108 Research Methodology I 3
MOGB6280 Research Proposal Development * 4
MOGB6109 Principles of Biostatistics 3
MOGB6110 Management in Health 3
MOGB6105 Principles of Family Health 3
MOGB6106 Society, Behaviour and Health 3
MOGR6107 Occupational and Environmental Health 3
* Pre-requisite: MOGB6108 Research Methodology I
  Elective Courses
  1. five elective courses each of three credit hours, totalling fifteen (15) credit hours


  2. three elective courses each of three credit hours, totalling nine (9) credit hours and one elective course that leads to a Research Paper of six (6) credit hours.
Code Title Credit hours
MOGB6480 Research Paper* 6
MOGB6301 Epidemiology of Diseases in Malaysia 3
MOGB6302 Analysis of Rates and Propotions 3
MOGB6303 Producing Better Evidence 3
MOGB6304 Advanced Concepts of Biostatistics 3
MOGB6305 Health Economics 3
MOGB6306 Law and Health 3
MOGB6307 Women, Child and Adolescent Heatlh 3
MOGB6308 Women's Health 3
MOGB6309 Child and Adolescent Health 3
MOGB6310 Men's Health 3
MOGB6311 Elderly Health 3
MOGB6312 Mental Health 3
MOGB6313 Medical Demography 3
MOGB6314 Sexual and Reproductive Health 3
MOGB6315 Behavioural Sciences 3
MOGB6316 Health Promotion 3
MOGB6317 Occupational Medicine 3
MOGB6318 Medical Surveillance and Fitness to Work 3
MOGR6302 Public Health Nutrition 3
MOGR6303 Qualitative Inquiry in Public Health 3
MOGR6304 Health Risk Assessment 3

and any other courses approved by the Faculty

* Pre-requisite: MOGB6108 Research Methodology I


Elective courses offered in each semester may vary from semester to semester


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  2. Workshops & Short Courses
  3. Research
  4. Publication


The Occupational Medicine Clinic is a referral clinic for occupational diseases and is open on every Friday in University Malaya Medical Centre.