Organisation and Menagement of Health Services (OMHS)

The OMHS seeks to afford a period for the potential graduate to interact with the various systems of health care delivery in a district in the country. These systems, ranging from the traditional to the scientific, are present concurrently and patients usually seek assistance from more than one system at the same time. The programme also allows the potential graduate to familiarise himself/herself with his/her future work environment as he/she learns about the functions of the various categories of staff who man the hospitals and health centres. (Rationale)

Thus when posted to a district as a medical officer or a medical and health officer, the graduate is expected to perform his/her duties right from the first day. The OMHS programme supercedes the previous District Health Services Survey programme.

To execute this program, the Year 4 class is divided into 8 - 10 groups of about 16 each. They will be posted to different areas, which includes rural, semi-urban, urban and metropolitans.The class is then briefed about the aims and conduct of the OMHS. The duration of the programme is three weeks divided in to:

Week 1 The groups then engage in a 1-week "planning workshop" where they decide on how to achieve the objectives of the program.
Week 2 The second week is spent in gathering information about the various aspects that they need to know about the district. To achieve this they travel to the selected districts which is reachable with day trips.
Week 3

The third week is spent on debriefing and writing reports on what has been achieved. This information is compiled into a book and submitted to the SPM Department.


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The Occupational Medicine Clinic is a referral clinic for occupational diseases and is open on every Friday in University Malaya Medical Centre.