Community Residency Programme (CRP)

The CRP affords an opportunity for the medical student to interact with residents in rural areas and to attempt to understand their life-style and their health beliefs and problems. It also allows them to see various plants and facilities which have been described in the classroom and also makes use of knowledge gained to produce a report concerning rural people.

Clearance is obtained from the Ministry of Health Malaysia to utilise its facilities in the rural areas as bases for the CRP. Every year in the month of November and December, reconnaissance trips are then made by academic staff to secure assistance from the ground staff of the Ministry of Health. and also to select villages where the survey will be conducted.

The duration of the CRP is four weeks, which are divided in to three phases; the 1st Phase is the Preparatory Phase (1 week), 2nd Phase the Field Phase (2 weeks) and the final phase is the debreifing phase (1 week).

Phase 1: Preparatory Phase

The Introduction and preparation are held at the Hospital Tengku Ampuan Rahimah Campus in Klang, Selangor DE.The students are divided into five "stations" and are briefed about the CRP program. This is the period where the Introduction to the CRP module is held to prepare the students for the CRP.

The student will also prepare for the rural health survey and thematic projects that will be carried out during the field phase. The students are brief by the Department regarding latest information concerning the stations where they will be conducting the survey and thematic project.

Phase 2: Field Phase

The field phase begins after the students pack whatever equipment they need for the trip such as computers, stationery, camping equipment etc, and start on their journey to their respective stations, One or two lecturers from the department will be accompanying the students, to supervise and advice them during this phase. There are 3 component which need to be completed during this phase; i.e.

  1. Rural Health Survey
  2. Thematic Project
  3. Field Visits

The first day on station will be filled with briefings by the respective Medical Officers of Health, a "walk-through" tour of the nearby district hospital and health centre and a reception to meet the villagers. The survey begins the next day and information is collected on certain aspects. Compilation, analysis and presentation of the data is done on station.

At the end of the survey period, the students will arrange for a small reception in order to disengage formally.

Starting from 2010, beside engaging in the three main activities during their field posting, the students are encouraged to record their experience through the camera lens for a photo competition.

Phase 3: Debriefing

When all the students return to the campus in Klang, there will be two debriefing sessions.

  1. The first will be for the Rural Health Survey and visits. These sessions serve to broaden the view of the students from their assigned village to the other villages in various parts of the country.
  2. The second will be on the Thematic Projects. Finially the student will display the thematic project as a poster presentation at the foyer of the library.

Comment by one of the student during the CRP field phase in Taiping, Perak


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